Need a NOW PLAYING notification and nav

Need a “NOW PLAYING” notification and nav button to get to it.


+1 on that. Now that I’m using URI’s, a link to the soundset at least would be nice

Also, URI for the volume would be nice to. (maybe a URI for a +/- 10%?) and would think the Now Playing info could just be placed in the volume bar area?

Don’t forget if you want a feature adding to make sure you vote for it on the poll page. I’ve added this suggestion to the list so the more votes it gets the more likely it will be that we can do it :grin:

Done! Although I felt like I could have clicked “like all” but I tried to limit myself. :wink:

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I would like to tack on to this with a Now Playing button, that just takes us there.

Sorry, didn’t read the OP properly and only thought they were looking for a flag. My Bad