Master/minion Player for VTT remote play is starting dev


In case anyone missed it:

I can actually say officially we are beginning dev on our Master/Minion remote play system. Woot!

…well probably can’t say it officially… we’re probably meant to do that in some kind of Press Release (sorry PR).

I can say UNofficially that we ARE doing this! :smile: :beers:


Is this an official, official announcement or an official, unofficial announcement now? Either way, it’s awesome news!!! :grin:


Has there been any word on an update to this? I am really curious to use it with my roll20 games since I am having problems configuring voicemeeter to not send out muffled audio.


Yeah. It’s coming on well. Stay tuned to jump on the beta testing when we get closer.

I’ll post some of our dev journey when interesting things happen. :slight_smile:


I would def be willing to help test it out if you need more testers. Especially if able to use it for my twitch stream of Numenera. If the testing is more NDA that is fine, just wont use it for the streamed sessions. Anyway just happy to help where I can.


Quick question: do we have any sense when we might be able to expect the beta test? I know ben is cautious about putting timelines out there, but it would be helpful to know if we can expect it in weeks, months, years?

I ask b/c I’m looking to use Syrinscape solely for VTT play on Roll20, and haven’t been able to get any of the online workarounds to work thus far (so far in Discord and the native chat, my separate syrinscape stream always mutes whenever anyone else speaks).

As a result, it would be great to know generally what timing is realistic for the beta. Thank you!


I would very much like to be in on the Beta!


Soooo… fair question @sidewinder

I reckon we’ll almost certainly have a fully working version done and dusted before the end of the year.

I reckon we’ll have something peole can beta test by the end of July.

How does that sound. :smile:

  • dives for cover


I’ve seen some mention of this Master/Minion thing, what is it exactly? - Sorry, I am late to the game, as usual :smile:


In a nutshell, your players install the minion app and you install the master app, you can then trigger sounds on your device which will also play on the players device. Best of all only the DM will needs to own the soundsets! It’s designed to make online gaming much, much easier :smile:


I am really looking forward to this for my VTT games!


this would make my live streaming of my games 1000000x easier!! I can’t wait for this feature!


Yeah, it’s going to be great.

  • get’s whip to whip dev into action faster!



Yes! Beta time!! :smile:


Keeping my fingers crossed for a working beta before my TsunamiCon game in october!


Awesome! Good work! You can count on me using this the first day I’m able haha


I really need this! :stuck_out_tongue: Last games with roll20/skype I had to play without any background music and sounds as my electronic equipment can’t seem to handle it…So as soon as this goes live I will order my minio… ehmm players to install it.


he he! :smile:

We are still looking good for beta in Nov, currently aiming at Nov 15th.

Plan = Ben get’s back from Essen… bashes everything around one more really good time = launch!

(beta will be on a test server so we can really go to town on fixing things without risking the production stuff)


I have an online game running every Saturday night - right now we use Discord for voice and since I have a Battlebards account, I “cast” some sounds for them that way. It works, but I’d really love to be able to use all of my stuff, especially Syrinscape as my tabletop gamers love it (my Sunday game is non-virtual) and I’ve found a combination of music and sounds really adds to the gaming experience.