Masks of Nyarlathotep 1&2 / Curse of the Crimson throne how are they comming along?


How are the Masks of Nyarlathotep 1-2 / curse of the Crimson throne part 1-2 and creatures going.
Cant see I seen any realize / maybe I am wrong.
Any possibility getting a notification on Facebook / twitter when new things come out that is on the callender 2018`? :slight_smile:


Masks won’t be released until Chaosium releases the book, we can’t go giving any spoilers now can we :grin:

We’ll release the Soundset at the same time as the pdf of the adventure is released, which should be later this month


What about the CotCT soundsets? Are those waiting on something too?


From what I’ve heard, they are currently in development and the team is trying to catch up to the schedule.


I would really like a Horror on the Orient express series of soundscapes - one of the epic campaigns and it is already out there :slight_smile:


I am really enjoying Masks part 1 but will probably be finishing Peru with my players tonight. Is there any word on when and how often the next parts will be released? I want to keep using these but if they are coming out to slowly I won’t be able to. Thanks!


In theory they will be coming out each month but they are huge chapters with lots of locations and events. I’m hoping to get part two out in the next couple of weeks! I’m hard at work on it whilst the rest of Team Syrinscape are over at Gen Con :grin:


Any update on the next Masks chapter ?