Masks of Nyarlathotep 1&2 / Curse of the Crimson throne how are they comming along?


For those interested in Crimson Throne 2 - it is done and in for review at Paizo. If you’re coming to one of our show attendances @Spiel Essen or @PAX AUS, chances are pretty high that you can have a listen.


Great news on Curse. Excited to use it for Chapter 2 of the campaign. For the parts I did use it on for Chapter 1 (Thousand Bones and the execution), it was well received. Once during a name drop Kressida there was an audible gasp and the players went, wait, what was that person’s last name?

Hope Paizo gives a thumb’s up soon.


Can you recall during which of the oneshots that gasp on Cressida’s monologues was audible?


It was during the Thousand Bones mission when Cressida was giving them background information, they heard Rolth’s last name and hushed (all the characters at the table having a backstory against a certain relative of his). Instantly Cressida had their attention.


To be clear, the gasps came from my players, not the soundset!


Oh man, me = stupid… Lol


Love this @jayspot @new_vision

You guys brighten my day! :laughing: