Lost Effects in the Player Screen

Hi y’all - I noticed a couple of weeks back that the miscellaneous sounds (like Hurrah, Ooooh, and Sad Trombone) have disappeared from the player. Is this now a config option that I don’t know about? How can I get them back as I really enjoyed using them when, for example, a PC fumbles a skill check etc. TIA!

Some of those sounds are tied to downloading specific sets. I think the ones you’re talking about are tied to Stony Beach, so if you don’t have that one downloaded, those won’t show up.

Exactly what @HECook said :grin: :

You can find the full list here

Perfect - thanks! No idea why they went away as I’ve not de-installed any sets, but they’re back now. :slight_smile:


We ran an update to Bugbear Battle (remastering all the music) and triggered a compulsorary update, which clears the old version, and gets you to install the new (when ready). Those Global OneShots are attached to that SoundSet. :slight_smile: