It finally happened to me


I was working on creating custom moods for Masks of Nyarlathotep for the Kenya chapter and after finalizing one of the last moods I returned to my Custom II soundscape and all the new mood I had created were just gone…
Two hours of meticulous work down the drain.

I don’t have a lot of time to do this usually so this was infuriating.

What a shame.


Hit reload (in settings)?




I tried both of those suggestions without luck. When this happens I leave the campaign I am in to look at all of the soundscapes. When I am ready I go back to the Custom Moods II. Sometimes it reverts back from there… Inconsistently.

All the new ones are gone, but one of the pre-existing ones that I updated has stayed updated.


this happened to me tonight as well!! My game is at 11 AM tomorrow. OMG.


Two things might help:

  1. DON’T install new content and create custom moods at the same time. (maaaaaybe this has once or twice been the cause).
    1a) Just hit RELOAD has once made them reappear for me…
  2. Use the Online Player = then your custom moods are permanently written to our server and can’t get deleted by reg ‘cleanup’ software of malware protectioin (which miiiiiiiiiiiight be what happens to a few people)
  3. Pray to the gods of bits
  4. Yes, I know that was more than 2 things…
  5. If only I could reliably reproduce this myself, then we’d have something to work on.
  6. Which means, if ANYONE can give us a reliable set of steps that produces this effect… then we CAN FIX!
  7. Now my numbers are really getting out of control!


I learned with experience - when creating anything, do it gradually. Make some changes, see that they are saved, then move on.


Yeah… I wish we could track this one down… but it just never happens to me!!! Blrrrr!

If anyone can find a set of steps that MAKES it happen please post here!!!

In the meantime… give an offering to the gods of small things…

And, yes, have a go using the Online Player, though… you will need a SuperSyrin sub to be able to save moods that contain elements from different SoundSets in a new SoundSet… but the search functions are SUPER strong and you don’t have to preinstall content and changes stay changed across ALL your devices and you can run sound on a phone in the corner while you control from a browser on your tablet (which CAN go into the background). All that sort of stuff.


Not for nothing Ben, but I can break things almost every time I sit down and create for a half hour or longer. I created a video for you guys and never heard anything about it; I’ve also done a bunch of stuff for SonOfConan in a direct message - stuff he asked me to do for him, And I never heard back.

I am so willing to work directly with you guys and help troubleshoot and locate bugs - it’s what I am good at, but when you guys don’t even answer, it feels like you don’t care, or appreciate my time and effort, so I turn my back and give my time to other, more appreciative devs, on other products I’m passionate about.

I don’t know, I can’t quite figure you guys out on a dev perspective.

You have a great product though - something unmatched by any out there, and I’ll continue using it, I just learned not to care as much about helping you guys. My time is valuable as well.


Hey @dorpond , we really appreciate the info that you send us but can’t always reply to every DM straight away, as much as we would love to!

SonOfConan is extremely busy at the minute (and most of the time) rolling out changes for the apps both publicly and behind the scenes as well as working on our future roadmap and Ben is just back from the states after performing with the team for Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge. We do look at all of the feedback and comments that we get from yourself and everyone in the community but have to prioritise the order in which we roll out changes, fixes and updates.

We really do appreciate all of your help and support and the support we get from everyone, it’s that feedback that helps Syrinscape continue to grow and evolve :slight_smile:

Annnd make sure you follow this thread for the latest list of updates from SonOfConan Notable Online Player/Creator Beta Updates


I’m actually STILL in the USofA. :smiley: Really great meetings and cool plannings for the future. Then I’m back in Oz fro a week and then off to the East Coast meeting some people in Quebeck and New York and then PAX UNPLUGGED!

So… yes… busy is a way of describing things! :slight_smile:

And yes, I can only agree @sonofconan is working VERY hard (with the rest of the dev team), and doing amazing things!

ALL things can not happen instantly though, that’s definitely not a thing!

We work carefully as a team to set the prorities, based on:

  • severity of prob
  • probable benefits of improvement
  • widespreaded-ness of the issue
  • number of request for a feature
  • clarity of info acquired
  • cost of work
  • time of work
  • easy fix? quick fix?
  • keeping things going and smooth in the background so things that might not be so shiny don’t build up and break more important things later
  • Doing staff requests to help them work better and faster so more content gets to users
  • Lots of other factors.

Trust everyone, we see your feedback/ideas/thoughts/requests. That’s why we have these forums (and support email) (and social things) :slight_smile: :smiley: