Notable Online Player/Creator Beta Updates


I’ll keep this topic updated when we deploy notable changes to the online player/creator beta.

The biggest changes in the online creator (vs the legacy creator) are:

  • There is no need to download and install soundsets to use them. You always have instant access all your available content.
  • There is no need to upload your soundsets to access them in the genre players. This should just happen automatically.
  • The old “upload” button (see above) is now a “publish” button. This will flag your soundset for review by staff for publication as community content.
  • You need to upload samples directly into an element now (via the Element or Element Playlist property inspector), instead of importing them into your local sample library.
  • Many small bug fixes and user interface improvements.

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Edit names of Uploaded Soundsets - RESOLVED

8 Jul 2019

  • No longer clip info icon tooltips in element playlist and sample/element library
  • Expose snapshot (required for genre player installation) status via spinner info icon next to soundset name
  • Expose snapshot errors via info icon next to soundset name
  • Add missing tooltips to soundset info icons
  • Use spinner info icon on samples that are pending transcode, instead of an exclamation/warning icon
  • Show an error when attempting to upload a sample bigger than 100 MB


15 Jul 2019

  • Add “Show in global oneshots” checkbox to element inspector for oneshots.


14 Aug 2019

  • Fix bug where typing into the soundset name field at just the right speed would be overwritten/undone by updates from the server as you type.
  • Fix a bug where sample CC attribution license was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix a bug where uploading multi-channel (5.1) samples could not be transcoded into MP3 format.


20 Aug 2019

  • Re-architect online player client and server protocol for improved scalability.
  • Replace amplitude and wait bars with amplitude glow and wait ring animations.
  • Report latency via master interface.
  • Add reconnect button (near latency/version) that moves a game session to a new/different server.
  • Performance optimisations.


11 Sep 2019

  • Improve sample transcoding compatibility and no longer prefix long samples (>=10s) with 1s silence from long samples
  • Make it clear that the soundset “publish” button is to request a soundset be published as community content - this is not required to access private soundsets in the genre players
  • No longer filter sample library to samples that you have uploaded, show samples from all soundsets you have access to
  • Show private soundsets in the campaign manager immediately
  • Use the same sorting in genre players as the online player


18 Nov 2019

  • Improve tags, so you can now search for things like: fantasy, sci-fi, boardgame (category);
    dungeons-and-dragons, general-fantasy, pathfinder (subcategory);
    official, community, private, custom, original (status);
    dh, bo, hbs, isos, eoa, dd, mod, bc, etc. (adventure pack prefix).
  • Clone category and subcategory when duplicating soundsets.
  • Automatically restart server when enough people (currently 2) request a new server in a period of time (currently 5 minutes).
  • Improve reliability and accuracy of amplitude (green->red glow behind elements) and volume data sent from online player to master interface.
  • Improve server performance.
  • Increase server capacity.
  • Fix unexpected element duplication on “save current state” (as a new mood, or to current mood).
  • Fix server error when re-ordering element playlist entries.
  • Improve warning when no online player app is connected/active, including a direct link to online player PIN entry, and no longer block access to the master interface.
  • Improve master interface browser performance, especially on tablets.


27 Nov 2019

  • Add optional nickname (display name) field to user profile. If set, other users who you play with via Syrinscape Online will see your display name instead of your first and last name.
  • The master interface now includes the selected soundset, mood and element, as well as creator panel states (open/closed - does not remember the state of individual property inspectors), in the address bar. So if you need to reload the page, you will be returned to the same place. You can also bookmark direct links to your favourite soundsets or creator panel configuration, or share links to specific (public) soundsets, moods and elements.


9 Dec 2019

  • Fix bug where online players connected to a particular server would become unresponsive to play, stop, volume, etc. commands.


18 Dec 2019

  • Improve performance when duplicating large soundsets (and avoid timeout error).
  • Add Download Remote Control Links (CSV) link to hamburger menu (top right) in Master Interface. Includes genre and online player style links.


22 Jan 2020


  • Add support for uploading FLAC format samples #2041
  • Add metric and imperial units setting to master interface #2013
  • Permit users to stop moods and elements that they are no longer authorised to play (e.g. subscription expired) and display an error to when users attempt to play moods and elements they are no longer authorised for #2026
  • Fix delete confirmation dialog styling (all platforms) and volume control (mobile platforms) and master interface tweaks #2010
  • Improve frontend error reporting and other backend performance and stability #2015 #2040 #2047 #2048 #2053
  • Improve frontend and backend validation of uploaded samples (0 bytes, >100MB, unsupported file type) #2051

Online Player 1.4.6:

  • Set volume to 100% by default. Remember volume on quit and relaunch. Set session volume when players join a session (no longer require GM to adjust volume down/up to reset for new players). #2004 #2034
  • [Windows] Register syrinscape-online:// protocol handler for Fantasy Grounds integration via remote control links.


5 Feb 2020:

  • Sort soundsets alphabetically, grouped by featured, pending (awaiting review), private, authorised, and adventures (e.g. D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, etc.) This applies to the master interface, genre players, and campaign manager.
  • Replace acronym prefixes with adventure name in soundset titles. This applies to the master interface and campaign manager. Genre players will be updated in a future version.
  • Update soundset list styling to include icons that indicate genre and subcategory (e.g. fantasy, sci-fi, board game, D&D).
  • General styling and icon improvements.
  • Many frontend bug fixes.


12 Feb 2020:

  • Add unique ID to remote control link CSV download, for easier import into 3rd party integrations.
  • Fix styling of play icon in element playlist.


17 Mar 2020:

New campaign manager filtering:

  • Faster page load.
  • Filter by multiple tags to narrow your selection.
  • Show the number of matches for each tag before selection.
  • Prefix tags with a type (e.g. title:, mood:, music:, sfx:, oneshot:, category:, status:, etc.)

Plus many under the hood performance optimisations for the online player.