Notable Online Player/Creator Beta Updates


I’ll keep this topic updated when we deploy notable changes to the online player/creator beta.

The biggest changes in the online creator (vs the legacy creator) are:

  • There is no need to download and install soundsets to use them. You always have instant access all your available content.
  • There is no need to upload your soundsets to access them in the genre players. This should just happen automatically.
  • The old “upload” button (see above) is now a “publish” button. This will flag your soundset for review by staff for publication as community content.
  • You need to upload samples directly into an element now (via the Element or Element Playlist property inspector), instead of importing them into your local sample library.
  • Many small bug fixes and user interface improvements.

11 Sep 2019

  • Improve sample transcoding compatibility and no longer prefix long samples (>=10s) with 1s silence from long samples
  • Make it clear that the soundset “publish” button is to request a soundset be published as community content - this is not required to access private soundsets in the genre players
  • No longer filter sample library to samples that you have uploaded, show samples from all soundsets you have access to
  • Show private soundsets in the campaign manager immediately
  • Use the same sorting in genre players as the online player

20 Aug 2019

  • Re-architect online player client and server protocol for improved scalability.
  • Replace amplitude and wait bars with amplitude glow and wait ring animations.
  • Report latency via master interface.
  • Add reconnect button (near latency/version) that moves a game session to a new/different server.
  • Performance optimisations.

14 Aug 2019

  • Fix bug where typing into the soundset name field at just the right speed would be overwritten/undone by updates from the server as you type.
  • Fix a bug where sample CC attribution license was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix a bug where uploading multi-channel (5.1) samples could not be transcoded into MP3 format.

15 Jul 2019

  • Add “Show in global oneshots” checkbox to element inspector for oneshots.

8 Jul 2019

  • No longer clip info icon tooltips in element playlist and sample/element library
  • Expose snapshot (required for genre player installation) status via spinner info icon next to soundset name
  • Expose snapshot errors via info icon next to soundset name
  • Add missing tooltips to soundset info icons
  • Use spinner info icon on samples that are pending transcode, instead of an exclamation/warning icon
  • Show an error when attempting to upload a sample bigger than 100 MB

Any improvements since last Jan? Been a while
Edit names of Uploaded Soundsets - RESOLVED

Soooo much hard work by talented people!

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