is it possible to pay not through paypal?

Good day. my name is Alexey and I am from Russia, I drive rpg and I liked the program but it is not convenient for me to pay through paypal, is there any other way to buy packages with music?

I think this thread is still current regarding this:

It has some alternatives for you, and we hope to expand the payment options in the future, but we do not directly support anything other than PayPal right now.

thanks for the answer. Syrinscape has lost another regular customer and I’m sure I’m not the only one. what a pity

Sorry to hear that :disappointed:

We will continue to push hard to get on top of the high priority things that will impact the majority of our users so we can start looking at these things as soon as we can.

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Hey, :slight_smile:

I think you may have missed a crucial bit of info here in Ryan’s reply.

You CAN pay without PayPal, here:

Works for you?