Can we have an option other than PAYPAL please

I cannot use Paypal and want to maintain my super-subscription – and sadly I cannot afford to buy sound packs individually (it would add up way too fast), and worse, Paypal requires you to sign up with them even if you pay via CC… but again, I am not able to actually use the Paypal service, so it instantly locks me out of the process.

So, can we please have another option? Thank you so much!

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We are looking at adding other payment handling options in the future although that is still a while away.

Currently though we DO offer a selection of methods that you could use.

You can buy subscription Vouchers without a PayPal account, either through us or via

You could for example, buy 6 2 month SuperSyrins sub vouchers and apply them all to your account, which would give you all the awesome access you could possibly require!

Here’s a Link:( 22)

You can also now purchase vouchers through your local games store. If they don’t yet stock them then tell them to get in touch with us for details!

Let me know if you have any problems sorting that out!

I cannot use Paypal in my country and would like to buy packs individually. When will this be available, because it has been more than 2 years since this is posted and their is no changes. Take care and have a nice day.