Icewind Dale Parts 3 and 4

A earlier question the devs mentioned the chapter 3 and 4 packs were close to completion. Is there an updated release date?

Chapters three and four are finished and in the review process. Production on chapter five has started.


Umm…any chance you’re doing sneak peaks for this section? :blush:


Hope without spoilers :wink:

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Any chance we might stumble upon these chapters in our libraries soon?

Keen for this as well as my campaign is getting towards the end of chapter 2

It is at the Wizards for review and should be available soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We will hit Chapter 3 tonight I think :frowning:

i’m about to hit chapter 3 tonight or next week any idea on when it gets to us?

It should hit the streets really soon. We will make it available to our Supersyrins as soon as possible. Really sorry for the delay.

On the bright sight - chapter five is done and is going into internal review process. So that one will be available relatively quick after three and four are out! :wink:

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Man… im going to finish chapter 3 by the time this comes out. :sleeping::sleepy: I subbed being hopeful but it seems that was a waste of money.

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are all complete and just awaiting approval. As soon as WoTC is able to do so we will release them. Hopefully, 3 & 4 will be in the next couple of weeks

Once again Ben had said to request sneaky access to the new Frostmaiden sound sets while on his stream so here I am. :smile:

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I’d appreciate any super sneaky access I can access.

Once the soundset has been approved we can start opening up sneaky access

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No offense but that seems a bit melodramatic. Sorry you are cruising through the campaign quickly but there are a ton of sounds you can use that work for this without the official content being released. Have you looked at realmsmith:the cold and the dead, Icy wasteland, mountains of madness? These are all found by going to the master interface and searching cold. Just saying there is a ton of content here, don’t sell this software short, you won’t be disappointed.

But I am a very lazy person and really appreciate the work that Syrinscape puts into these for me. :innocent:

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The soundsets got approved today, so every Supersyrin having it requested here has the super sneaky peak added to the library.
Should anyone be in need of having it unlocked before your weekend’s session and you are a Supersyrin, request it here as well. :smiley:


Thanks for getting this done @new_vision! :beer: :pizza:

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Awesome work on getting this done so quickly. Any chance i can get sneak peek access?