Icewind Dale Part 2 release time

Just wondering from the dev’s when the 2nd pack for Icewind Dale will possibly be available.

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It is on the finish line production-wise. I hope to get it done by this weekend, next weekend latest. There will be some really cool stuff in it that took some extra time, but that is done - so I am pretty optimistic! :slight_smile:

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Thats awesome to hear! My players and i are loving part 1’s sounds and we are close to act 2. Happy to see that most likely the soundset will be available by the time my party gets there! Thank you for all your hard work!

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Will this one include some iceberg\glacial cracking?

I experimented with low frequency rumbles a bit and it is not that satisfactory tbh. The only massive sounds you get from glaciers and icebergs is when they are calving (at least from my research, I haven’t witnessed anything like that) and that is not happening in the second chapter.

Out of curiosity - what kind of sound would you expect? I am asking because there might be something comparable in it but I haven’t described it properly. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that when inside the glacier or on the sea of moving ice that some really deep echoey cracks. Glaciers breaking, Icebergs cracking - that sort of thing.


Here is an update for you fine folks. I am pretty confident that the second chapter of Frostmaiden will be completed this week, so fingers crossed!


Looking forward to it. The 1st set is why I went with a subscription here. Nice work.


I just have to even out some final bumps and include some details. I will be done by Wednesday, so - it will be around soon. Sorry for the little delay.

Next is in house approval. Drawing all the art. Mocking up the product and then it goes into Wizards for approval.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

NOTE: if you super need it right NOW… and you’re a sub… we can give you some super sneaky early access… just ask on this thread!

Awesome news !! Can’t wait !

And of course I’m in for a sneak peek :wink:

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Same here - super sneaky access please. But I don’t need it right now. We’re still in Chp 1 for a little longer so I can technically wait if it’s a process.

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I would enjoy the sneaky access please =)

Sneaky sneak hear to!

Would love sneaky access as well.

Requesting sneaky access please.

Ben just said to request sneaky access on his stream so here I am :slight_smile:

Can I get sneaky early access. This sound set is why I got a subscription :joy:


Has anyone gotten the sneaky access? I’ve not seen it yet lol.