I am creating music

I have started creating music for my tabletop games. I thought I could share it with others if they were interested.
I have the versions on SoundCloud if you want to listen here.
And since I do this when I can on the side if you like what you hear and want to use the songs yourself or hear more sharing this with friends would mean a lot to me.

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Awesome stuff @davinci522 and as promised here is the link to our original thread Sharing music i made - RESOLVED

Looking forward to hearing more of your music :slight_smile:

Thank you @Steve I really appreciate it.

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This is GOOD stuff! :+1:

@new_vision Have a listen to this stuff!

Already have @Benjamin - looking for a project where those track(s) could fit. :slight_smile:

Thanks @benjamin and @new_vision. Since those are literally the first songs I have ever made, that means a lot.

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