Sharing music i made - RESOLVED

Not sure where this fit exactly so I am putting it here.
I have started making some ambient music, in part, because of Syrinscape to use with my campaign. I ended up making a soundcloud, youtube channel, and patreon for it in case others wanted to listen to it/use it. Would it be ok for me to share that here for any interested parties to check out? @Steve
If not thats cool. I was just curious.

Hey @davinci522 thats awesome! Yes if you are happy to share your music with the community then we’d be more than happy for you to promote it on here. Are you releasing it as Creative Commons 3.0 or under some other form of licence?

If I was thinking of CC Attribution and Non Commercial would that mean syrinscape couldn’t use it for their product? Cause if that was so then I would just do Attribution.

I am pretty sure a Non Commercial license would rule the use in Syrinscape out, as the soundsets are technically sold, even when you are subscribed. But i am no law expert, but i would expect it to be like that.

That’s what I kinda thought but I’m not sure. I mainly just don’t want it to be used in IG, FB, or YT adds without being contacted first (they will take it anyway I know but one can try).

Maybe there is a possibility to make it non commercial, but make an exception for Syrinscape… :face_with_monocle:

Probably @Benjamin knows, what is possible and what not. Having great sources of new music is always valuable. Or do you know how to handle such a special case, @Steve ?

To my knowledge CC 3.0 would be the one you want to use. People can share and adapt your content but must credit you and link to your license (Which we always do)

Alternatively, you could use a none commercial license but grant Syrinscape and the Syrinscape community permission to use your music within Syrinscape and the Syrinscape Soundset Creator. After all, it’s your content so you can grant rights however you wish. I can happily look into the legalaties for you and come back with a definative answer :slight_smile:


Thanks. But I’ll stick with making it easy. Let’s go with CC 3.0 and I’ll deal with problems if they should arise.

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Excellent. I’ve marked this as a resolved Support request so it’s easy for people to find and will look at setting up a new category for Community Content. We can put the links etc to your work there as well as talk about new community content etc. :slight_smile:

I’ll also link this thread to it for ease of people finding.

Hi @davinci522,

I reckon you can share on the other platforms as CC Non commercial… and then come to a different agreement with us (CC attribution). We can credit you and link people through to your other platforms, THEN when they discover you they can hire you to do other composition work… and then you’ll do a movie and become famous and rich.

Let’s DO IT! :smiley:

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