How Do I... Get SyrinScape Online to allow my players inputs?

I want my game to have the players make their sounds when they occur, such as a blade sound when they attack, a spell sound when they cast a spell. etc. I want them to trigger the sound, so I do not have to mess with it. it would have the players be more interactive as well, I think… Another set of immersiveness. So, I was thinking of using the remote sounds controller to do this, but cannot seem to figure out just how to make it happen.

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Try building the API calls into your VTT
I made this post for Foundry links

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Heya, @Valiance

Yes, what @DrWiFi said, but also,

What I do sometimes…

Simply turn on the 3rd part remote controls (in the Hamburger menu),then Click the little Play buttons next to each sound you want to share, and send that copied link to your players.

THEY can then work out how to trigger them:

  1. clicking the link directly in Facebook messanger (and then closing the browser window that opens)
  2. Put into their stream deck
  3. Writing a little python box to trigger and handle the returned page.
  4. many other options I haven’t thought of.

Let us know how you get on!

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thanks for the awesome information.