Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat Sound set?


Hello great people of the Syrinscape realm! I am looking for music and sounds to fit these two modules. Has anyone done anything for these two D&D 5E modules? I will pay for two amazing sound sets that have the elements fitting the scenes of these adventures.

Thank you
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I think someone might be working on these already.

It’d SUPER useful!


I’m partway through Rise of Tiamat right now and have mostly resorted to audio from other sources. That said, I’d also be very interested in any guidance on how to best leverage Syrinscape.


I’m setting up to run this campaign myself. I’d be interested in seeing an upload for both books…hell, for all the current D&D playbooks.


Currently running through Legacy of the Crystal Shard with my group and working on my syrinscape suite for that module. These modules are next on my list to run, so I’d love to see what someone comes up with for them!


I’m actually working on this for my own group - we’re currently playing through the campaign. I don’t mind sharing at all when I’ve done :slight_smile:


That would be awesome! I also have a bunch of maps I updated from Jared Blando’s maps. I added in all the furniture and missing things per room description via CC3. I’ll share them with you.

I also use Fantasy Grounds for my home game. You can check that out here. I could not upload the image since i’m a new user member on this blog. Enjoy and let me know? https://xggksg.dm2301.livefilestore.com/y3mE-V-b6brodKtZKljyc32dJIOLoL93Y7G5zHzO8ZwWReMgZQyC7cc9j3U4SKwKJMwpqIZS841EhK8zNJLniCiFscvyKFNC3laQ7hFNX_c-KzNTStShHvgA7VzCrjDYtT6qbWuELfovAH-n_tak_rzDiWLtPVE-68aq2l3kjyYSOQ?width=1150&height=751&cropmode=none



I sooo want to be able to share some D&D Community Content with people!


Definitely interested in the updated materials. And eventually the HotDQ and RoT stuff.


any chance anyone finished building a set for Hoard or even Rise?


If you want to lay on me the specifics of the adventure, I can knock together a campaign from the existing soundsets! :smile:


The story is cut up into chapters, I will be able to get you a summary/outline of each chapter when i get home tonight (in about 8 hours - that should make it easyer for everyone).


First HECook, Thank you for the offer, … I am going to give you MUCH more detail than you need, but … always better to be overly detailed, than to miss the mark.

HUGE NOTE: SPOILERS contained below

Hoard of the Dragon Queen.
Chapter 1: Greenest in Flames
Night time outdoor combat in/throughout a small village/town, between a raiding band of Kobolds and Human (and elf, etc) cultists seeking fast plunder. Fights happen in open streets, and indoors of churches, homes, etc.
And did I mention the Blue Dragon that occasionally strafes the town, to keep everyone running in fear - with the occasional (but only halfhearted) breath weapon blast to the Keep keeping the soldiers inside.
Lots of party time trying to sneak past the Raiding bands to get to cowering civilians sheltered around town to escort them -often while fighting a retreating skirmish back to the Keep.
major NPC (half dragon) singles out PC for a one v one fight

Chapter 2: Raiders’ Camp
Overland : Tracking the raiders over open grassland/hills to see where they head.
A couple of combats vs Rear guard or a squad of stragglers. To eventually find the Raiding parties home camp, … hidden in the hills.
Scout/infiltrate camp (sounds of splitting of booty, drinking, trading, rough housing, etc, very relaxed army style camp due to the victorious raid). Kobolds in lower section, Human (and similar) in upper section.
Major NPC : Human Monk prisoner that is to be rescued once all the partying finally dies down – in the wee hours. Return trip with monk back to town.

Chapter 3: Dragon Hatchery
Return to Raider camp to find it mostly abandoned. Except for a cave at the rear of the camp….
Inside cave combat: Frequently occurring kobolds, winged kobolds, cultist guards, small Drakes (think attack/guard dogs, but lizards). And a section with bats.
Traps : Acid trap, spike trap, collapsing ceiling.
4 main fights a) Roper b) Half-dragon + berserkers c) human female fighter with guards. d) troglodytes

Chapter 4: On the Road
6 days of horse mounted travel to the next town of Elturel : “a large, orderly city overlooking a river, filled with merchants, river traders, and farmers’ markets”
Location: Tavern called “A pair of Black Antlers” : in the company of Ontharr Frume, a human Paladin of Torm who keeps the place going with continual drinking, arm-wrestling, horseback riding contests, sparring, and weapon training.
Travel via Sailing vessel down river to Baldur’s Gate.
Loaction: Baldur’s Gate city: bustling center of trade, with goods coming by wagon and river. Full capital city with all the districts one would expect. But PC’s likely to spend most time in Docks, and merchant district. Setting up to join up with a north bound caravan of cargo by being hired on as guards, etc.
NPC’s : many fellow caravan guards, merchants, etc.
Location: traveling north to Waterdeep (two months): during which encounters with : guard fights, Spiders, Ettercaps, hobgoblins.

Chapter 5: Construction Ahead
Arrive at Waterdeep : another large city, but players should stick to the outer edges, merchants, caravans, hawkers, etc.
Again north bound in yet another caravan, this time through swamps, mires, etc.
Encounters: troll, bandits, orcs, ogres, lizardfolk, giant frogs, bullywugs. Swarms of centipedes, slimes.
End of line: stables, roadhouse, inn. with all the people one would expect.
Explore swamp … slogging around on foot, and by canoes … bugs, ponds, crocodiles, frogs, spiders, will-o’-wisps, Yuan-ti, giant lizards, oh, and if they really want to they can have a pleasant chat with a Black Dragon in its own Lair (combat not recommended).

Chapter 6: Castle Naerytar
Find a Castle partly sunk into the swamp. Socialize with and eventually fight : lizard folk, bullywugs, Human (mostly) cultists/raiders, Half-Dragons.
Location : interior of wet, damp, swamped stone castle. Large rooms, small hallways, wood or stone floors, etc. Socializing/RPing and eventually combat with the inhabitants.
Exit: Major Teleportation Circle takes PC’s away

Chapter 7: Hunting Lodge
Secluded large wooden building, human guards, Troll (both RPing and combat), drakes, Helmed Horror, Gargoyles, Female human spellcaster (Talis the White), bodyguards.
Exit: fly Peryton’s (think gryphons) to a town

Chapter 8: Castle in the Clouds
Village of Parnast: small village, of a few dozen houses and a small square. Tavern, stable, shrine. Some ‘on the ground’ socializing in a tavern that starts friendly, but can turn to a fight.
Flying (again) this time on Wyverns (still think gryphons, I guess).
Floating Castle: Stone on Stone. Mixture of open air courtyards, Indoor Halls, and caves/caverns.
Both social and combat with: Cloud Giant (male) Cloud Giant Ghost (female), groups of Ogres, Stone Golems, a vampire, human Fighters, attack Wyverns, Wizard (fireball, and other combat spells)
and finally, an epic battle in a huge ice cavern lair of adult White Dragon.
Possible ending the Castle ‘stops floating’ and crashes into the ground… Stone/rock avalanche.

wow… ok, so that was a lot longer than even I was expecting… :slight_smile:


More detail the merrier! :smile:

It looks like there’s going to be some soundsets that will be consistently used between multiple chapters, but that’s only to be expected when you have consistent foes.

Chapter 1
Nighttime village combat - I’d recommend combining Farmland’s “Nighttime” with Brindle Town for setting the ambiance, then swapping out Brindle Town for Goblin Battle+Kobold Lair during the fight. Maybe chuck in some sounds from Tavern Brawl or from Bandit’s Cave’s In the Cave “Goroc’s Gang” for deeper, Medium-sized humanoid voices. You can use Tavern Brawl (minus the music and plus some weapons’ sounds from Bugbear Battle) for if/when a fight is indoors. For the blue dragon breath weapon, there is one specific to that in Xin-Shalast. Or you could use the lightning spell one-shot, though that is a smaller sound. I presume this half-dragon is a half-blue? The lightning spell one-shot could be his breath weapon. If not a half-blue, other breath weapon sounds could be pulled from Ezran-Male Wizard (acid spray, ray of frost) or the flamethrower universal one-shot.

Chapter 2
You could use Farmland for grassland, as that has the sounds of grasses/crops and insects/birds droning day or night (you might want to toss in the “cicadas” element from Tiller’s Marsh, because nothing says hot summer’s day to me like cicadas). Fights with the stragglers could be done with the fight sounds of the previous chapter (Kobolds/Goblins/Goroc’s Gang/Bugbears, etc), minus the Bridle Town sounds. For the camp, use Farmland (of the appropriate time of day) combined with Friendly Tavern or Seedy Tavern. Turn off the chair noises that indicate indoors, and pump up the sounds of the fire so it sounds like a proper campfire. It already has sounds of coins and whatnot, so that’ll do for trading.

Chapter 3
For the cave, you can use Dragon Battle (use the Baby Dragon sounds for the drakes, or the hisses from Flying Fiend Battle), with Dungeon Depths or Flooded Cavern for more echos/ambiance. Kobold Lair has your kobold sounds and trap sounds (the baby dragon sounds from Dragon Battle or Flying Fiend wing sounds will suit to put wings on your kobolds) and your bats can be the one-shot “swallowtail release” from Attack on Sandpoint if it’s just a swarm, or use Skaveling Battle if it’s more of a combat scenario. You can use “acid spray” from Ezran-Male Wizard for your acid trap specifically, and your collapsing ceiling can be the collapsing bridge one-shot from Mountain Pass (if the ceiling is wood) or the crumbling building one-shot from Red Dragon City Raid (if the ceiling is stone).

For the fights: Bugbear Battle for the half-dragon and beserkers (along with appropriate breath weapon sound, if necessary), In the Cave “Goroc’s Gang” sounds for the women (with female fighting sounds from Kyra-Female Cleric and Merisiel-Female rogue), Bugbear Battle or Kobold Lair with maybe some hisses from Flying Fiend Battle for the Troglodytes, and for the roper… Does a roper even make a sound? Not sure, but I think you can use the “Thrushmoor” set, specifically the “Killer Vine Battle,” because that sounds scary and rope-y enough.

Chapter 4
You can use Wagon Journey, minus the actual wagons (unless your party has them, because I know my players always want lots of space to store their stuff, and someone always wants to travel in comfort and style) for the travel, with Magnimar for the large city and River Journey for the docks. Friendly Tavern will do for your tavern, with bringing in some of the weapon impact universal one-shots or the “axes and shield” element from Bugbear Battle (for sparring/weapons training), and the horses sound from Wagon Journey (for horseback riding).

For the traveling via sailing - use the River Journey set, and also a High Seas set, depending on the size of your river (or if you end up sailing to Waterdeep via the ocean). Baldur’s Gate/Waterdeep can again be represented by Magnimar soundset, and River Journey has a “dock” mood, for when you’re embarking/disembarking. For your fights, Bugbear Battle will suit for hobgoblins, In the Cave’s Goroc’s Gang for guard fights, and Tiller’s Marsh “Spider!” mood for spiders and ettercaps.

Chapter 5
Waterdeep will be Magnimar again, possibly with a little of Brindle Town’s “busy market day” for the dock market. Going north, there is a “Swamp” set, and also a “Jungle” set that you will likely be using heavily for most of your moods. Tiller’s Marsh will come in handy too. Bugbear Battle and In the Cave’s Goroc’s Gang for a lot of your humanoid battles, with elements from Swamp and Kobold Lair (and possibly the lizard hisses from Mountain Pass, or the angry hisses from Flying Fiend Battle) to cover the rest of it. You may want the Ogre Battle if you fight a troll. If you want a nasty insect swarm, and have the Sci-Fi player, use Swarm Attack sounds.

At the roadhouse, Friendly Tavern. For exploring the swamp, Swamp and Jungle and Tiller’s Marsh again, with a lot of the same enemy sounds above. There actually is an “Alligator Battle” mood in the soundset “In the Waspnest” if you encounter a crocodile.
You could use a little of the magical resonance sounds from Shimmering Veils for the will-o’-wisps, to give it a creepier element. Dragon Battle’s “sleeping dragon” mood, combined with Swamp sounds, would do for the Black Dragon encounter, if the party is not foolish. If they are foolish, use the Swamp sounds combined with the Green Dragon sounds as the dragon casually annihilates the party.

Chapter 6
Castle in the Swamp (…“everyone thought I was daft to build a castle in a swamp, but I built it anyways, just to show 'em!”). Your enemy sounds, same as above, you know the drill for these folks! Inside - Dungeon Depths with some dripping sounds/elements from Flooded Cavern. There’s a major teleportation sound in the Hell soundset for when they get whisked away.

Chapter 7
Not sure where this hunting lodge is. If somewhere cold, use Whispers on the Wind’s “inside Vekker cabin” mood. If warm, use Stockade’s “Thistletop” (coastal, warm). Or you could modify either, depending on the clime. Helmed Horror could be done with Bugbear Battle but with the growls/curses turned off and some magical resonance from Shimmering Veils turned on. Gargoyles could be done with Dream Quest II’s “Ceramic Guardians” combined with some wingbeats from Grioth Battle and claw scratches from Dragon Battle. Female Human spellcaster could be done with the Board Game Players Spellcaster - Sorceress. Grioth Battle wing sounds would work for the Perytons.

Chapter 8
Brindle Town for Parnast, with Friendly Tavern turning into Tavern Brawl if necessary. Grioth Battle for transportation. For the giants, you can use the Stone Giant battle. The “At the Door of the Cavern” mood for the courtyard, with “Deep in the Lair” for the Indoor Halls, with Dungeon Depths for the caves. Kick up the wind with Elements: Wind to remind them they’re in a floating castle. Maybe chuck in a little of the magical resonance from Shimmering Veils, at a low level, to represent the magic holding the castle up. You can use the stone giant sounds from the Stone Giant battle for the cloud giants, and use the “mists” element from Elements - Horror for their obscuring mist and fog cloud spell-like abilities.

For ogres, use Ogre Battle, human fighters we’ve already covered in the previous chapters, stone golems you can use Mask of Death chapter 3, Golem Battle. Wyverns you can use Grioth Battle. Wizard you can use Board Game Players’ Spellcaster - Sorcerer (or Ezran - Male Wizard). For a vampire you can use Castle Ravenloft’s “vampire attack.”

For the white dragon, use the White Dragon soundset, maybe with some echo elements from Dungeon Depths or Flooded Cavern to get the ice cavern effect.

If the castle crashes to the ground, you can use the crumbling building one-shot from Red Dragon City Raid, and the hurled stone one-shot from Stones Over Sandpoint. And chuck in the shattering explosion universal one-shot for good measure. Maybe some lighting crashes from Storm. And some screams from Goblin Battle. Throw in a universal one-shot Wilhem Scream to put the cherry on top. :wink:

I hope that helps! :smile:


This reply Sir, just sold me on a SuperSyrin subscription. Thank you for the effort, and by the time our group is though this, I should be familure enough with the systems to design “Rise of Tiamate” myself.

Thank you again. and Cheers!


You are most welcome, and have fun storming the castle! :smile:


@HECook you continue to amaze! thanks so much for taking the time to do this! We really appreciate it

At this point should we ever bump into you at a convention I think forget the drink, we owe you dinner! :smile:


I am currently working the Legacy of Crystal Shard (d&d 5e) campaign with my friends.
Can you share with me the sounds/moods for this campaign? or do you know where can i download it? - Thank you so much!


@grutino - if @JacobE doesn’t happen to have it, let me know what sort of sounds you need and I can put together what sets you’d want for your campaign! :slight_smile:


Thanks!! That would be wonderful! -I’ll collect a summary of the capituli/places/scenes and I share it. Again, thanks, a thousand thanks!