Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat Sound set?


This is a resumen of events and scenes.


Icewind Dale, North

winter/rain/snow/chill weather/storms/wind/stone road/dirt paths

Bryn Shander: big city/market/caravans/horses/festival/taverns/inn/bandits/day & nights/sanctuary/,
Bremen: village lake/river/taverns/inn/shop
Targos: village lake walled/docks/taverns/inn/fishing boats
Termalaine: village lake/mine/taverns/inn/shop
Lonelywood: village lake/timber/forest/bandits/shop/tavern/inn
Dougan’s Hole: silent little village lake/ fishing/tavern/inn
Good Mead: little village lake/distillery beer honey hidromiel/tavern/inn
Easthaven: port lake village/docks/creek/river/taverns/inn/armory/markets/day & nights/shops/horses/fishing ships/pirate attack,
Caer-Dineval: little village/rocky shore lake/fishing/bastion/bookstore/taverns/inn
Caer-Konig: little village lake/ruin bastion/inn/fishing/expeditions mountains.

Maer Dualdon: Trout, pine, fir, oaf, eagles, fishing boats
Lac Dinneshere: glimpse winds, fishing boats, pirates encounters, ship fights, hidden cove of pirates
RedWaters: ice waters, fishing

Reghed Tribes: Barbarians nomadic tribe/Elk Tribe friendly, Bear Tribe enemies/ Tribe Nomads Camp/shamans/tends
Glacier Reghed: cold winds/ice/
Evermelt: Bear Tribe Camps/ lake/cave undewater/ tunnel/waterfall cavern/ icewitch + dragon’s lair (skeleton dragon)
Dwarven Valley: mines/salons/rooms/halls/forges/stone tunnels/stone stairs/temple/armories/kitchens/dinning rooms/warehouses/ancient caves/abandoned tunnels/necromancer + zombies
Kelvin’s Cairn: cliffs, mountain, winds, escalation
The Verbeeg Lair: cave/Verbeegs/ goblins/ cult assasins/ rooms/ barracks/kitchen/Scrying room (magic portal) / remorhaz giant
Sea of moving ice: icebergs/ice/sea/ship/cod, Seal, walrus and polar bears
Icewitch Tower:
courtroom - barbarians with king
temple - necromancer (semi-final encounter) + air elemental
witch sacntuary - icewitch (final encounter) + ice statues

General Encounters: Yetis, bears, giant cats, wolves, bands of ruffians, assasins, cultists, rite of sacrifice cultists, bandits, dwarfs, pirates, zombies, goblins, orcs, were-rats


In this document there is a inventory of encounters and NPCS. https://media.wizards.com/downloads/dnd/LoCS_Stats_Next.pdf


Icewind Dale general:

So you’re going to want to pull Icy Wasteland, Frozen Moon, Mountain Pass, Witchwood, Storm, Elements - Wind, and the walking/running from the various NPCs (Cleric Spells - Kyra, Wizard Spells - Erzan, Male Fighter, Female Rogue), the The Birds.

Also useful: Ranger’s Request - blighted woods mood.

Towns and Villages - Magnimar (big city), Brindle Town (village, horses)), Attack on Sandpoint (village by the sea), Local Heroes (inns, shops), Phandalin (village, inns, shops, hunting lodge, shrines), Wagon Journey (caravans, horses), Waterdeep/Baldur’s Gate (large cities with many kinds of seasons and weather and times), Bustling Port City (waterfront, ships, docks), Friendly Tavern (inn), Stony Beach (more shore/waves/gulls/weather), High Seas Battle (pirates!), High Seas (ship), Haunted Fortunes (several sets for waterside activities), Mountain Pass/Fort Ranick (mountain exploration). Down Comes Rain/Black Magga Battle could also work for more dangerous water in towns.

Using the above sets for lakes (the “creaking trees” and various wind elements) along with River Journey would be good for lakes. Pirates, etc, as above.

For the tribes, use Friendly Tavern, turn off the “chairs and bumps” and “coins” elements, kick up the fireplace element, and the “manly men” element. Use some wind elements outside too.

There is a Flooded Cavern set that has a waterfall, and Underwater Dungeon has underwater sounds.

The set Dwarves, Gnomes, and Umbridge (from Dragon of Icefang Peak) has a waterfall pool, along with dwarves, etc. Toe, Shrine, and Axeholm also has more dwarven mining sounds. Matt Mercer Nostoc has a great dwarven NPC. Using some of the town and inn sounds with the echoing sounds of the mines will make them dwarven. Blacksmith or Stone Giant Battle have good forge sounds.

Dragon Battle or Wyrmwraith would be good for your skeleton dragon, just kick up the bony sounds with Zombie Battle, the elements “skeleton bones” and “scratching bones”. Zombie Battle or Undead Battle for your necromancer’s friends. Nyarlathotep is also a good one for abandoned spooky tunnels. You can use the spells from Wizard Spells - Ezran, or Spellcaster - Sorcerer/Sorceress for the necromancer themselves. Dungeon Depths for the tunnels might work too.

The scrying room with the magic portal could be done with Shimmering Veils or Mountaintop Portal. The remorhaz could be done with the Giant Sand Worm (Sci-Fi Player) with background cold noises, water, and furnace/steam releases from the Blacksmith set.

For the seal, walrus, and polar bears, you might like the Owlbear Battle or Tiger Battle, along with Thistletop, as there’s a Bunyip Battle mood which could be great for a seal.

The icebergs could be done with Stone Giant Battle (giant slam attacks or giant footsteps) combined with some of the Stony Beach/High Seas noise, plus some chilly wind.

Bugbear Battle could do for the barbarians. Necromancer as above, with Refuge of Dreamers for the chapel, Elements - Wind for the elemental.

The ice statues could be represented with Dream Quests II’s Ceramic Guardians mood, combined with the “ice crystals” element from Mountaintop Portal. Use Spellcaster - Sorceress for the Ice Witch, along with perhaps some ice spells from the universal one shot and perhaps the white dragon breath weapon (for a cone of cold or something) from the White Dragon (Mountainside) set.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

There is a Goblin Battle for all your goblin needs, and the Cultists set (Sci-Fi Player) has lots of chanting and screaming and chain-rattling and all that good stuff.


Yetis, bears, and giant cats can be represented by the Owlbear Battle or Tiger Battle sets, though you’ll likely have to turn off the forest/jungle environmental sounds for something colder. Orcs have their own battles, and there is a Giant Rat Battle as well as a wererat battle in the Toe, Shrine, and Axeholm set (or Dungeon of the Mad Mage II). Cultist and rites of sacrifice I covered, dwarves, pirates, zombies and goblins too. Bands of ruffians and assassins can be represented by Sinister Secrets I or II!


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