Have a sub, can't see content in app? SoundCreator


So I purchased the big subscription. When I now go to the Plaguestone soundset it says I have access to it, but in the fantasy app on my PC I do not see it. I restarted and still do not see it. So how do I access it from my PC?

Also, is there not a stand-alone PC sound set creator? I don’t want to do anything online and don’t want people to have to connect with the online client to hear my sounds. I have it set up to go through our Discord. So how do I create my own soundsets on my local PC to use?


The Fall of Plaguestone soundsets should all appear in your Player under the prefix fop. So you can either scroll down towards the bottom of the list or just type fop into the search bar.

As for the Creator, the Syrinscape Soundset Creator is now part of Syrinscape Online and has many, many benefits over the old offline version (which still required you to be online to be able to save and sync your soundsets) This post tells you a bit more about it.

Your creations are private and accessible only by you and will sync across to any devices you are using, so you can still use it in your offline Player