Time to give the Online Creator a try!


Hey all,

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been working VERY hard to get the Online Player up and running smoothly AND we’ve also managed to build in ALL the customisation capability reseved until now to the “Syrinscape SoundSet Creator”.

Well… I think we are 97% done.

So if ANYONE is still using the OLD Offline Creator, it’s time to jump onto the Online Version. The offline creator still works fine, but it won’t see any further development

Start here: https://www.syrinscape.com/online/
And DON’T MISS these very useful tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBJdKt7RgPU&list=PLFxKCQySfglyTEaK-gSJyHRqhSYLFzq_w

Disadvantages of moving to the Online Player:

  1. you’ll have to be connected to the internet the WHOLE time you are working rather than just on startup.
  2. You may use a little more bandwidth as samples are delivered directly from our servers to the Online Player you are running, but note: once a sample is downloaded once, it is kept in the Cache.


  1. Many, including…
  2. Direct action on our servers. The work you do automatically migrates out to all devices on your account
  3. direct access to ALL Syrinscape samples in the library without having to install any content in advance
  4. searching and auditioning across all samples and elements on the server
  5. Many many bug fixes and interface and UI and process improvements since the Offline version
  6. other advantages I’m not thinking of right now, because I am so used to using it.

Give it a go. You won’t regret it! :octopus::fire::pizza:

And once you’ve given it a try and found some bugs or have some super useful feedback head here: https://forum.syrinscape.com/c/online-player-public-beta and make yourself heard!

Have a sub, can't see content in app? SoundCreator


I’m finding the online creator absolutely bewildering. All I want to do is create a Custom Soundset > Custom Moods but none of the tutorials actually help :frowning:

Is there anyway you guys can make a simple tutorial that shows you how to start from scratch step-by-step to do the above?

Everytime I think I get it, I try it and none of my changes are saved to the player. The interface is so confusing!

Sorry for the rant, but I know that I want to use Syrinscape all the time without having to rely on preset purchased soundsets.


@clivedgorman Happy to help.

So you’ve watched this vid?

But that’s not helping.

How about like this:
0) Make a brand new fresh SoundSet of your own.

  1. Start all the elements you want running, from anywhere at all in the app. Mix to taste.
  2. Type the name of your new mood in the SAVE CURRENT STATE AS A NEW MOOD text field
  3. Click the CREATE MOOD button
  4. Syrinscape works for a little bit and copies all those playing elements into your SoundSet and makes a mood to run them.

Working for you? :slight_smile:
5) All the elements you need are copied into the current SoundSet