Get link to a Soundset (not play, but open)


So I am here using the URI’s in Maptool, to play my stuff there.

While this is very cool, I miss not actually being at the Syrinscape Online interface, so I can turn on/off individual sounds that may be part of that soundset.

What I would love to be able to do, is have a link that I can place in Maptool, that I could click, and it would take me right to the website and Soundset that I am currently playing, so then I can turn things on/off easily at the source.

But I don’t see any way of creating a link to a specific soundset, so that it opens that soundset (doesn’t play it) in the web browser.

The only link we have is, and no matter what soundset we open, that link never changes.

Is there a way to create links that take us directly to a soundeset? If not, maybe that would be a good feature to have in the future.


@dorpond Good idea. I’ve been meaning to get to this (deep linking) for a while now. I’ll try to bump it up the list a bit.