Foundry VTT Integration

Hey all, just curious if there was anyone looking at or in the process of integrating Syrinscape Online with Foundry VTT. From what I understand, it’s a hot commodity that’s getting snatched up quick (I’m personally using it now - it’s great). Just curious. If not, I’d recommend it start being looked at. They already have native support for uploading local files and it’s very dev-friendly. Not sure how hard it would be since I’m not a code-monkey by any stretch of the imagination. I think it would be a wonderful boon to the Syrinscape and Foundry communities. Peace, love, and crits!

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Syrinscape has been built with third party integration built in so that it can be used with any VTT. It just needs the developers of those apps to implement the API. If you are active on the Foundry forums then tell them about us and how much you would love for Syrinscape to be controlled from within their program :slight_smile:


Hey Steve,

From what I understand (again, no code monkey here) it has been brought up extensively and there are many community members (open dev platform) that haven’t been able to “crack the nut” with the API regarding getting it implemented. They’ve found ways to link from the offline player, but that doesn’t pipe it through Foundry’s audio system to the remote players. Something regarding the way the online player API and Foundry’s systems conflict. I was hoping there may be some insight into the issue on this side of the divide. I know many people have said they’ve contacted Syrinscape for the API info then it just kinda falls apart for the various code reasons or whatever. Anyway, thanks for the response and hope to hear back.

Foundry’s audio system to my understanding is designed to play back looped audio, which you build into its playlist? Their audio program isn’t designed to be able to playback Syrinscapes dynamic audio. The API is designed to allow you to trigger Syrinscape sounds from within other programs but the playback still has to come through the Online Player, which sits in the background. The Online Player functions like a multi mixer, playing all of those individual sounds together and building them into the dynamic sounds that you get from Syrinscape soundsets

We would love it if Foundry could come up with a way to integrate Syrinscape making it even easier for you to bring the epic sounds to your games :grin:

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That makes great sense. Thanks for the explanation Steve. Have a great day!

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The really difficult thing to integrate, which would be 100% epic, is that Foundry allows you to drop specific sound effects onto localized areas of the VTT (basically, sound tokens with a radius and settings like how they interact with walls), so that when players get close to, say, the Blacksmith’s shop, they start to hear (faintly at first) the sounds of a smithy.

This would take Syrinscape’s mixed audio to the next level and be deeeeeply immersive. Some way to drop a token on Foundry VTT that connects to a command to play a Syrinscape mood via that token.


Have a play with the API… perhaps with a bit of work with Custom Moods etc you may be able to get something workable done here… which would be cool! :slight_smile:

Did you get our API info from us yet?

Someone o reddit was looking into it.

I did not, but I’m not … good … at API. By which I mean I know absolutely nothing.

What I AM trying to do, though, is recruit the best community developer for Foundry VTT (who I support when I can on Patreon) to start working on this.

Speaking of which, is there a way to gift a Syrinscape subscription to someone :smiley:

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There is yes! You can buy subscription vouchers from the store :grin:

Once purchased you will be sent an email with a code. You then just pass that code to whoever you want to treat and they van redeem it;

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Is there an expiration date on a purchased voucher? Eg. does the 2 months start from when the code is redeemed or when it is purchased?


I didn’t even need to type anything.

Just tossing in an update here that I’m working on a Syrinscape FoundryVTT mod.



Though I think you already know I’m excited about your work on this :smiley:

Did Eadorin get API access? If they’re working on Foundry integration and have actual skillz then that would seem useful for them.

Very exciting. just started using Foundry VTT and would love to see integration with my fave sound tool.

Do you have a patreon or ko-fi or some way we can follow your progress? I would love to support this project!

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Hey so I asked around in the Dev circles for Foundry VTT, looks like Syrinscape said “NO” to allowing proper integration.
I think its time to unsubscribe.
Honestly, I love the work Syrinscape does, but since the start of the “Q” I haven’t used it once. I game with so many random people online that I don’t want to add to my Sub costs to invite players who definitely refuse to install more stuff on their comps. I haven’t been able to convince anyone to DL the player, and one person is my brother and the other is my GF!!
Not for nothing, for this to work, it really should work directly through the VTT, the player is trash and there is a lot of lag, even on the Mixer to GM Player side.

However, my players LOVE FOUNDRY VTT over all the other VTT’s i’ve dragged them through, so looks like i’m parting ways soon with Syrinscape!
Seems like being difficult for the sake of being difficult!

Of course you need to do what is right for you but Foundry Workshop I think is still working on something (see below):

FWIW, I’ve used many different sound programs and still do. Really challenging as I know Syrinscape isn’t just downloadable files but has all the dynamic stuff going on in the background which I appreciate but comes with challenges when it comes to integration.

I know it isn’t ideal, but there are many workarounds where your players don’t have to download the player. A couple are as follows:

Send syrinscape through discord (or other VOIP) using voicemeeter or virtual audio cable (completely free solution)
Send syrinscape through cleanfeed using voicemeeter or virtual audio cable (completely free solution)

I know its more work for the GM, but I utilize cleanfeed and it works great for me. Good luck, though and understand the frustration. I wish it was all easier!

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