Foundry VTT Integration

Thanks for that.
I’ve considered using virtual cables,(VB) to port directly through Foundry Audio via EarTrumpet.
Problem is we’d have to get the player to agree to have their Audio active (but muted), and has caused issues in the past for the “not so technical” folks. LOL.
I guess it really comes down to feeling that we have this amazing community and we all have these wants, and we know how Bad Ass things can be and we all support those ideas, but we’re being held back by companies that don’t want to “play nice with others.” Its literally the reason I stopped using FG and R20. I find that Foundry has the most flexibility to creating the experience for my players as possible. fewer roadblocks if you catch my drift.
I have Foundry Workshops mod installed, but its not complete nor does it allow for local play through foundry. As mentioned above in this thread, Syrinscape only allows control of the player. Which is convenient, but not where it needs to be… yet.
Syrinscape is amazing! Just a shame its so locked down… oh well.

It would be sad to see you go… :pensive:

It does make me sad the vibe that seems to be around the Foundry community devs, that Syrinscape has slammed the door on discussion, that’s certainly not the way I feel.

I’m always happy to continue talking, but things have to actually work both technically, and from Syrinscape surviving as a business point of view.

Making things smoother for people getting their sounds going for their players is BIG on the dev pathway for us…

My current #1 idea = a zoom style link that GMs can send to their players that:

  1. Triggers a download and install if necessary
  2. Runs Syrinscape
  3. Automatically signs the player into the GMs game
  4. The Player starts hearing the sounds straight away.

NOTE: Since VTTs already have the concept of a set of Players attached to a GM this is something that could potentially happen almost invisibly from the Player’s point of view.

What do you think?

Hi Benjamin,
Thank you for responding. I really don’t want to go, and by posting, I’m trying my best to make this work.
I also own a company and understand thriving in a competitive market, however, I am as flexible as possible with clients, mutual vendors, and competitors because we all in the end work together to create an experience. My flexibility and malleability in my market have allowed me to set the terms of my reach. I now receive business from competitors and vendors, that I wouldn’t have received before, because of that flexibility.

As for a temp fix… I was able to use Virtual Audio cables, to get it going sort of. So, Syrinscape + VB-Audio + EarTrumpet to Audio capture device on Foundry. But, that cuts us off from using foundry’s Audio in-game. Which is fine, we use discord. however, in order for players to hear the sounds broadcast on Roll20 or Foundry, they’d have to also connect their audio.

Also for the record, by Dev circles, I meant Mod dev’s.

But yes, to respond… As long as there is no install on the player’s side like you said Invisible for the player would be preferred.

A lot of my players are against any install, especially in an Online Convention setting. They already have to deal with the many inadequate VTT’s out there…ughem R20 & FG!!! :wink: (jk… .no troll)
But imagine this… Hundreds of players sitting at virtual tables across the thousands of Discord channels on Foundry VTT playing their favorite RPG with atmosphere brought to you by a legit Syrinscape Mod… I don’t know about you but sounds like music to my ears… :wink: You would have literally created a Mod that markets your product by itself!
“Oh, what’s that? Yeah, Syrinscape developed a Mod for Foundry-VTT, and R20 and works great! If its not loud enough, you can control the volume on the Syrinscape slider next to your name.” Said the GM.

let me know what you think… :slight_smile:
and again… thank you for your response!