Forge of Fury (Yawning Portal)

Hey everyone,

This is my first attempt at creating a Campaign Soundset. I really enjoy this adventure, and hope this helps some DMs out there set the mood. I also included some of the sounds and music I use for setting the atmosphere for the session.

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Awesome I just started this last week with a party. I tried to import your set but it didn’t work, It seemed to import only the name and description there were no sounds in it. Maybe I did something wrong?


It all comes down to whether the soundsets in the campaign are official ones or self-created content by @patman05. I am pretty sure, the soundsets are created by him, and as long as they aren’t released as community content, no one but him can see them. :neutral_face:

Yes like New_Vision has said custom campaigns can only share published soundsets, either Syrinscape Originals or soundsets that have already been shared as Community Content. Think of them as playlists, you need both the list and the content for them to be able to work.

@patman05 if you would like any of your soundsets shared with the community then we can do that for you. They must contain only Syrinscape samples or samples that you have the rights to use. Creative Commons, Public domain etc. If these soundsets are free of copyrighted material then we can take a look and make them available as Community Content to all Supersyrin Subscribers :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. Looks like I left in some music that I use in my home game by mistake. I tried to change things up, then the editor was giving me issues, then I had to head out of town on business…

Needless to say, I have corrected the issues with the soundset, so it should be good to go now. Hope everyone enjoys!

Hey @patman05, your soundsets are still currently private, so nobody else can hear the great work you have done. Did you want us to make the soundsets live as Community Content?

You just need to let us know the full names of the soundsets you want us to publish and confirm that they contain no copyrighted material or just Syrinscape samples. Until then your links won’t work for anybody else.


I didn’t realize they were private, first time lesssons right!

The Soundsets are all under the Forge of Fury campaign title and are as listed:
The Mountain Door (1)
The Glitterhame (1)
The Sinkhole (1)
The Foundry (1)
The Black Lake (1)

I am not sure why when they uploaded they got the “(1)” after the name so if there is anyway to remove those on your end that would be awesome.

I removed everything from the Soundsets that didn’t come straight from the Syrinscape samples.

Thanks for your help!

No problem at all! always happy to help. But yes any soundsets you upload are private unless we are asked to make them live. Now that you have we can take a listen and get them activated for you :slight_smile:

Name wise if you upload something to the server and there is already something there with the same name then the server will add a number, so it looks like somebody beat you to it with these names. Don’t worry though, we can take a look and see what we can do to sort them out for you

Excellent! Any idea when these might become live?? I’m in the mountain Door and possibly Glitterhame this Saturday. :slight_smile:

And I gona start this Friday with the mountain door. I’d be delighted if I could start of my campaign with your great work, too :smiley:


Any idea when this will be approved to go live?

I’ll take a good look at this content tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile:

Hi, and how is it going. Are the Soundsets kind of ready. Im more or less running out of time. Do you know when the Soundsets are going to be uploaded? Cause I gonna start the Forge of Fury on Friday:grimacing:

Hey all,

These are turned on as Community Content now, under “fof”.

Thanks to @patman05 for these. Find environmental sounds for each of the rooms and locations in “Forge of Fury (Yawning Portal)”

Find the monsters you need with keyword search as you go, give some feedback, but mainly, GAME! :slight_smile: :pizza:

Thanks for running these through! I’m back into it this Saturday I’ll let you know how it goes.


Anyone that uses this, please let me know now what you think. This is my first time creating a sound set so any feedback would be great!

Have fun!

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Hey Pat Used it this weekend. Thanks!! My only suggestion is adding in the creature sounds so its one stop shopping and maybe some mood music as well. Well done though!

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Hey there,

I played the whole FoF now. And this Soundset is awesome. What would be perfect, is some mood music. And maybe, battle moods. Just with picking up on the battle sound sets. well done though.

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When I search all sound sets for FOF, nothing shows up. I have the D&D subscription. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m using the Mac client and the iOS client.

Forge of Fury is not official content, but Community Content, and hence can only be seen by SuperSyrin subscribers. :slight_smile: