Tales from the Yawning Portal Soundsets

I used the listed soundset suggestions for Sunless Citadel, but was wondering if anyone had put together some good suggestions for the other “chapters” in the set.

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If you put forth what is in those chapters (being as I don’t posses a copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal) then I can certainly suggest some!

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Also, here’s a prior thread where I gave suggestions for the Tome of Horrors - Tales of the Yawning Portal

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Bump. Has anyone put together some custom soundsets or suggestions for soundsets for the other chapters in Tales from the Yawning Portal?

If you let me know what moods, locations, and monsters are in various chapters, I can certainly make some suggestions!

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I’ll probably come back and update with more, but for the second adventure (The Forge of Fury):

  • The primary enemy are Orcs.
  • Begins in a small mining town on the northern frontier.
  • Pine woods beyond this town that leads to a big winding hill (and subsequently into a mountain), used by orcs for foraging and scouting on the aforementioned town.

Inside the dungeon, I’ll just give you the text they use:

  • The Mountain Door. The Mountain Door comprises the uppermost level of the cavern complex. It is currently inhabited by a tribe of fierce orcs, led by a brutal ogre known as Great Ulfe.

  • The Glitterhame. The largest level of Khundrukar, the Glitterhame is an expanse of beautiful natural caverns now infested by troglodytes and other cave-dwelling monsters.

  • The Sinkhole. Streams in the Glitterhame descend to an underground river, which runs through a corner of the caverns forgotten by the denizens above.

  • The Foundry. Beyond the Glitterhame lies a complex of chambers and passageways carved by Durgeddin’s folk. A small band of duergar (gray dwarves) currently hold Durgeddin’s hall, working to uncover the secrets of the smith’s ancient forge. A great crevasse drops to the Black Lake.

  • The Black Lake. The most dangerous denizen of the caverns under the Stone Tooth lairs in the cold, still waters of the Black Lake. Nightscale, a young black dragon, discovered a passage into the lake through an underwater siphon connecting to a mere on the far side of the hill. The dragon has claimed the ancient wealth of Khundrukar as her hoard.

All right all right!

There are some soundsets that have orcs specifically, but none in smaller battles, so instead there are some ogre and then giant sounds which will work admirably. Ogre Battle will work for the orc sounds, and Stone Giant Battle for Great Ulfe. Or you could use Bugbear Battle for the orcs and Ogre Battle for Great Ulfe.

Bridle Town is best for your small town, though if you want to use the set Attack on Sandpoint, or Local Heroes, they also have a small town (a seaside town).

The pine hill and woods would best be served by Elven Vale Day (or Elven Vale Night, depending on when your PCs get there).

The Mountain Door could be (if exposed to the outside) done with Stone Giant Battle with the mood "at the door of the cavern, and Glitterhame could be done with “deep inside the lair.” However, both have a “forge rumble” background noise that might be better suited (particularly “deep inside the lair”) for The Foundry instead. (Further suggestions for Foundary below.)

Alternatively, I like Sci-Fi player’s Sub-Terra or Mi-Go Underground Complex. Sub-Terra in particular has some great cave exploration sounds. It also has a mood called “cave stream” which would be ideal for The Sinkhole. Alternatively, using the “flood waters gushing” element from Black Magga Battle would do for The Sinkhole.

For the beauty of Glitterhame, I would recommend the music from Flooded Cavern, as it’s the most lovely and atmospheric (but also mysterious).

While there is no troglodyte battle, the set Tiller’s Marsh has a “lizardfolk” mood which would work (just turn off the cicada element). Or Kobold Lair could also work. For other cave monsters, Gug Battle, Skaveling Battle, or Hunting Horror Battle might be of use.

The Foundary - this could be represented with Stone Giant Battle’s “deep inside the lair” mood (or Sub-Terra, etc), but then I’d grab the Glassworks set and use the various elements of the glass furnace to really punch up the forge sounds. The “blacksmith” element from Bustling Port Town would help the industrious duergar. If they turn murderous, there’s Goblin Battle (minus the goblin song…).

For the Black Lake - Flooded Cavern would be your best bet, at least until they disturb Nightscale. Once they do, Black Magga Battle (minus the kid’s screams) is a fantastic big battle in water. Green Dragon Battle has an acid-sounding breath weapon, and also a dragon wings element if Nightscale takes to the air.

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Hey everyone, not sure if there is still an interest, but this is the campaign soundset I created for our run through the Forge of Fury.