Folders for orginization

in the sirenscape app, it would be tremendously helpfull to be able to reorganize soundsets, where they is positioned in yer list of installed assets. ya know, like, drag a soundset to the top of the list, or change a numerical value to adjust is position in the list.
in conjunction. if we could create folders to organize soundsets into. all town related sounds in the folder named “town” all the battle sounds in the “fight” folder. for example. create the “town” folder, drag “brindol town” into it. then drag the “blacksmith” into it. neaten up the Q, yeah?

Could perhaps the Campaign Manager help achieve something like you are looking for here? This is a feature that is kind of tucked away out of sight, so very easy to miss, but hopefully the linked Pro Tip can get you started!

I’m also looking for something like this. The Campaign Manager is great for soundset organisation, but it would be really cool if there were folders within a soundset to organise the elements. I have quite a lot of custom samples, and they can be hard to tell apart with no structure.

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