Feature Request: All Players Use Interface

I want my game to have the players make their sounds when they occur, such as a blade sound when they attack, a spell sound when they cast a spell. etc. I want them to trigger the sound, so I do not have to mess with it.
It would have the players be more interactive as well, I think… Another set of immersiveness. All of this, preferrably with a minimum amount of Kung-fu on the DM’s Programming skills part.

Are you playing live or online? If you use a vtt there are some add-ons that automatically trigger sound via text prompts.

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We paly via Above VTT, i would love to hear more about the add-ons that automatically trigger sound via text prompts, but again, I am much more interested in same as DM user interface for the players tailored to their specific classes, and abilities. so a wiz can cast a spell, and the appropriate spell is played, or warrior and their weapon clanks, etc. for each player, and the DM can run the overall sound moods and background songs, etc.

Me too. Would love this. So would my players. At keast an IRL solution.

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I use fantasy grounds and they have a syrinscape ext. in dmsguild that makes this seamless. I have a custom sound set for each player so on their turn the sound is triggered, they love it.


This is great feature idea - I imagine some specific global oneshot buttons for spells, weapons etc on their Online Player that they can press when they would like to.

Yes. This is definitely something on our TO DO list. Not at the top yet, but I’m keen to get there.

In the meantime, I hacked together something for my personal use and you can play with it too, if you like. Someone might even like to pretty this up and make it less hideous looking (I can share the code). Let me know. :slight_smile:

There is also syrinscall, which I hacked together a few months ago:

It’s more aimed at letting others in your group GM, but it does do one shots, too.

If someone were to design what they want a character version to look like I’ll happily add it.


Yas! Thanks @yamahito!

plz forgive. I am no programmer, but would like to know more about how to make this happen. I don’t use Fantasy Grounds, I use Above VTT. Q: when it is a players’ turn, how do they trigger it?(or do you trigger it?) How did you set up a sound set for each player?
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I plan to integrate Syrinscall, but as a new user to Syrinscape, I need to master some basics first before I can make things more complicated. Thank you for providing this solution, and I really hope others can see its value as well. Absolutely Visionary.

I’m not sure how you’d do it in your vtt. In FGU using the extension, I can create a sound trigger utilizing the player’s name. In FGU the combat tracker keeps track of the turn order so as it switches to player x the sound trigger activates knowing said players name was mentioned so it would look something like this. (Sound) on player x; [TURN]