OneShot Easy Trigger Grid - REST API usage example

Hiya all,

I’ve built a little experimental thing in my spare time, just to have a go playing with the Online Player REST API.

Unzip this zip somewhere useful and run by double clicking the exe. I’ve included the source code for people to play with/laugh at/improve. There’s even a (very brief) user guide in there too.

Have a go and let me know whether you think this is useful.

We are looking at building this sort of capability directly into the actual Online Player App. So the Players and GM can easily and quickly get to the OneShots MOST important to them.


This zip will extract the needed files (including a debug version, the source code, and a user guide) into a directory. Then run it directly from there. It won’t be installed on your system or make itself a shortcut.

NOTE: Don’t share your GM token with others. With this token people can log into the syrinscape website without your password. We are working on implementing a token you can share with your Players so they can run this on their machines too, and trigger OneShots as well.

Go here and click the DOWNLOAD symbol button at the top right to save it direct to your disk, then unzip.


Thanks - this is very nice! I tried it out and it worked great. I love the idea of having it handy in the player, and even more the ability to empower the players to play a sound for example for a spell. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to give access to specific players to list of spell sounds based on class, as well as some core sounds related to physical weapons. (I still long for Roll20 automatic integration) but this would be very cool! I vote a strong yes as adding this capability to the online player!!


Bumping this thread, because a few people have been asking about this sort of thing. :slight_smile: :pizza: :beer: