Fatal Error! Failed to execute script manage

This means A broken sample is stopping Syrinscape from starting


  1. You get the message: “Fatal Error! Failed to execute script manage”
  2. Syrinscape won’t start

Maybe you’ve got a broken sample in the data base and that’s stopping it from starting.

Find this directory (your Creator Cache):
C:\Users[yourUserNameGoesHere]\AppData\Local\Syrinscape\Syrinscape SoundSet Creator

Find this file (the database file):

Open it with this sort of editor:
SQlite Browser

  1. Shut down the Creator completely (select both QUIT and SHUTDOWN from the Tray Icon)
  2. Go to the Browse Data tab
  3. Select SoundSets_sample from the drop down
  4. Click on the transcoded_audio_file title heading to sort by that
  5. Find if there is a sample entry that has no transcoded audio file
    4a) You can try sorting by other columns as well
  6. Select that entry (a row)
  7. Delete the record by clicking the Delete Record button

Close the DB Browser and select SAVE to save your changes

Try running the Creator again?

Here’s a YouTube video showing the fix for this prob:

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