Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Support

Really excited that Fantasy Grounds is finally launching a build with Syrinscape support. It is just in Beta but having official support and being able to play sounds from within FGU using Syrinscape natively and ultimately having soundpacks tied directly to adventures is super exciting.

Thanks for your efforts here guys!


Yes we are so excited about this! Lots of great things on the way :grin:

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I had not heard about this. Anyone got a link to the beta?

It’s in the test channel. If you have fgu switch to the yes pt channel to check it out.

Would love to see support/development of the Fantasy Player. The Web Player would be great without latency, but even with high quality PC and internet connection, the latency is strictly worse.

Hmmm. Interesting. I’ve been testing this using the web player and see virtually no latency.

Can you explain this in more detail please?

I have FGU but only the free version of the Web Player of Syrinscape, whilst I test it out. Would be a big bonus if I could tie the two together


So, when I have more time I’ll try to post a video, but when you launch FGU, before you load a campaign, click on settings and then navigate to the test channel instead of the live channel. Update and then create a new campaign. Once you do that, when the campaign loads, you will see the sound links under seetings and also on the right had rail in FGU.

I would encourage you to play around with it to test. Happy to provide additional color/info as you get into it.

Would my FG players need to play in Test channel too?

Yes. You all need to be on the same channel.

is there a video that explains it? I do not get it to work. I can’t even find the control panel to see my key.

It seems it does not work. My players can not hear anything

Try watching this video. If you have issues after watching feel free to dm me on discord. User name is gwydione


THANK YOU so much everybody for helping each other out.

I’m just coming up to full speed with all this stuff too, so once we are able to get some good FAQs etc going we’ll be able to help out more usefully too. :slight_smile:

Sooo excited people are excited about what we’ve been able to do with the API etc! Yay! Noisier play = betterer! :smiley:


@benjamin or @Steve

Question. In the Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape implementation, the link that is generated for the players to click on to launch the web app is something like this:

However, I think normally that is for the person running syrinscape and typically when I “invite” players from within syrinscape web app the link is something like this:

Does it matter at all which link the players use of the two options above? Thanks!

The only difference being whether the link ends id /#/ or/player/

Heya, :pizza: :female_detective:

Yes, your 2nd link is what people should be being sent to… We’ve let the FG team know, and I imagine they will make an update asap.

THOUGH, if the GM has already taken control of the session (navigating to the link will certainly get that done) etc… then anyone else who subsequently goes to that link SHOULD only be seeing the Basic Player version anyway (just the logo and volume slider), so it SHOULDN’T matter.

Is that what people are experiencing? :dragon: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think so although even as a GM sometimes I only have the player version up as I control most of the music through FGU. My assumption is that having the player version only up for me as the GM will help a bit with computer performance but not 100% sure if that is true.

It looks like you have released four parts but maybe there is one more? If it will be released soon I might start on this one for FGU as it will take me a while so might as well start now.

Hi Ben,

The first release is a bit lacking in the finesse of the Online Player. No ability to tweak the volume of an element in a mood once activated by FGU or turn elements on or off.

I’ve always thought the Online Player should have a “what bits I am playing now?” feature so a GM that is stitching sounds together on the fly can see what is active. With FGU pushing instructions this is more useful than ever.

I suspect you design your sounds for sitting around a table (which is fine) but when running an online game with headphones you really need to be able to adjust elements to ensure you can hear your players clearly and enhance the specific sound they actually need.

I have put a post on the FG forum with the same images to help them along. Good to see where this goes. Also keep in mind Tales of the Valiant Sound set for FGU now that they have been funded and you have this underway. Also their Tome of Beasts and Magic Books (but I suppose that’s a Smiteworks decision).


You forum engine only allows one image per post so here is the complementary image to compare to the one above.

I’ve just done some more checking and the “What am I actually Playing Now Button?” for the Online Player is a super must to make FGU really play.

It does not live update the results (yet? maybe one day), but perhaps the Playing search facet will help? You do not need to have any search terms typed in, in which case it should show every Element/Mood currently playing.

You can always turn some other search facet on and off again to refresh the search results.

Hope this helps :crossed_fingers: