Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Support

Really excited that Fantasy Grounds is finally launching a build with Syrinscape support. It is just in Beta but having official support and being able to play sounds from within FGU using Syrinscape natively and ultimately having soundpacks tied directly to adventures is super exciting.

Thanks for your efforts here guys!


Yes we are so excited about this! Lots of great things on the way :grin:

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I had not heard about this. Anyone got a link to the beta?

It’s in the tea channel. If you have fgu switch to the yes pt channel to check it out.

Would love to see support/development of the Fantasy Player. The Web Player would be great without latency, but even with high quality PC and internet connection, the latency is strictly worse.

Hmmm. Interesting. I’ve been testing this using the web player and see virtually no latency.