Fantasy Grounds and Syrinscape sounds - RESOLVED


Got a question about using Syrinscape soundlinks and the Syrinscape Chat Triggers with Fantasy Grounds Classic.

I’m probably doing something wrong, and it’s probably something simple, but I’m tired of messing around with it for the past couple of weeks, and decided to ask for some help.

I’m running into an issue where everytime a sound goes to trigger I get a pop up telling me "you’ll need a new app to this syrinscape-online link and it gives me the option to find it in the microsoft store.


Can Syrinscape be used in Fantasy Grounds - RESOLVED

It sounds like you are using one of the Genre players (Either Fantasy or Sci-fi) instead of the Online player. In that case, you may be triggering a sound in a player you do not have installed. For example, if you use the Fantasy player, and a sound is triggered that is tied to the Sci-Fi player, that will pop up. I prefer to use the Syrinscape Online player as the one player can handle all of the sounds. You can always disable the chat trigger or replace it with one in your player of choice.


I may have read too quickly. if its asking you for the syrinscape-online link, it means you have the option set to trigger sounds using the Syrinscape Online player. In FG options, there is a setting you can switch to the Genre player (fantasy/sci-fi) and the links will switch to using that player. You either need to install the online player, or change the option to Genre.


Thanks for the response. I’m using Syrinscape online I should have mentioned that in the original post.

So in FG settings there are 3 options, Syrinscape Online, Syrinscape Genre, and SO browser. I had it set to Syrinscape Online when I was getting the pop up and no sounds. I did some experimenting and if I run the stand alone player and change to genre sounds work. I change to so browser and run syrinscape online i get sounds and a pop up browser window for each sound that plays.

Thanks for giving me a place to start looking. I thought when I was running syrinscape online and had the settings to that, that it was the correct set up.


Hi there ! can Someone help me too with this? I don’t really want to open a new thread.

So I am an old Syrinscape subscriber, back when we used to chose between Fantasy Subscription, Sci-Fi Subscription or Super Syrin Subscription. I’m still paying for the Fantasy Subscription so here are my questions:

1.1- Did Syrinscape just changed my subscription all of a sudden since mine is no longer available?

1.2- I read the FAQ section, and it only says it changes the “Ownership” related stuff, and it actually says its “better for the players”; I don’t understand how is that better, before when subscriptions were different I owned everything that came out for “Fantasy”, And now people will either own D&D Content or own Pathfinder content? I don’t get how’s that better if you’re still paying the same but own less, can someone explain to me why this is better?

1.3- Since the FAQ section is not actually explaining me where am I standing now since the subscriptions changed. I want to know if they moved me to the Pathfinder one? or they moved me to the D&D one? Or do I own both of them by having the past subscription system?

Now, all this comes because I own the Syrinscape Sounds EXT for FG and the Triggers MOD. So I was playing with the triggers and trying them out everything was working fine and using the online player, but then I tried “Acid Splash” and it didn’t work. I found out that the sound is part of a set of sounds from a sub-set called and I quote “Wizard Spells D&D5E”.

1.4- So here is the way I’m seeing this. I know I don’t have a SuperSyrin subscription ok? you don’t have to remind me that. But, if I am a subscriber of the “Fantasy Subscription” wouldn’t I own a sub-set called “Wizard Spells D&D5E”?? Or am I the crazy one here who thinks that Wizard Spells from the game Dungeons & Dragons 5 Edition are part or should be part of a fantasy subscription??? Or what am I missing?

So it seems to me that there’s something that I’m not getting right and that clearly Syrinscape’s FAQ section is not explaining well about my subscription and what type of “Fantasy” am I in when it says I own a “Fantasy Subscription”

And please please. If you’re going to help me somehow, can you answer in the same order or at least trying to cover everything out? (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 questions?) thanks.


Hi @carloscuevas_arq I’m happy to answer questions.

1.1 Yes, the old Fantasy Sub is no longer available.

1.2 Can you point out where it says the phrase “better for the players” about the new subs? It is not better to have a D&D sub than to have the older Fantasy Sub. We raised our prices and split off some of the content, but left the old subscribers untouched to say thank you for their long time support.

BOTH Pathfinder and D&D subscribers still gain access to ALL Official Syrinscape Fantasy content, it’s just the details of what stuff you gain permanent ownership of that has changed. D&D subs gain permanent ownership of all official D&D content we release AS WELL AS all Syrinscape Original content - and vice versa for Pathfinder subs. Makes sense? (Note the Wizards Spells SoundSet you mention later is only available as Community Content right now = it’s not official yet)

1.3 If your Fantasy sub is still active you are still on the old deal with the older lower price and the old access and ownership rules = great deal, huh?! :slight_smile:

If you want to upgrade to a SuperSyrin that will come with MANY benefits:

  • access tot he Online Player = the very best way to deliver sounds to your players when playing with a VTT
  • the creator functions now built into the Online Player = for customising our content and uploading your own
  • community content made by our users and shared with the whole community.
  • access to and permanent ownership of ALL Official content in Syrinscape of all genres.

1.3b Wizards Spells D&D5E is an incomplete draft version of wizard spells available for testing and feedback by the SuperSyrin community as Community Content. If you want access to that you have two options: a) subscribe to be a SuperSyrin b) wait until we release it officially and you will gain ACCESS as a part of your Fantasy sub.

1.4 Hope this makes sense from the answers above, yes? If not, feel free to ask again. :smiley:

Hope my answers have been thorough and helpful enough?

Mostly, THANK YOU for your long time support as a subscriber!

My recommendation: just grab a SuperSyrin = we will VERY MUCH appreciate the support, and it will give you simple uninterrupted access to everything Syrinscape you could possibly want with no hassle! …but that’s just the CEO’s opinion!:beers:


Ok thanks a lot.
Yes, it perfectly answered all my questions. Perfectly understood and I simply purchased an upgrade to supersyrin already. I noticed it wouldn’t charge but the difference so it felt pretty affordable.


I opened up FGU today, first time in a couple weeks, and the Chat Triggers window is empty. How can I get the triggers loaded again? (I realize this is not really a Syrinscape issue but the program author is right up there ^^, lol)


Probably not the answer but have you got the chat triggers module loaded as well as the main sound link module? That’s the bit I forgot to do the first time I installed it :grin:


Yep. Triggers worked before, I started up today and got no sounds. I started looking around and noticed the Trigger window was empty


Rather, the module is in the folder, but I only see the Syrinscape Sounds Extension on the loading page - is that correct?


When you open the library inside the campaign and open the modules tab does the Chat Triggers show up there as loaded? I’m not at my PC at the minute but will grab a screen pic of what I mean once I get back




Yes, so I’ve just checked and I have two modules loaded. One is the “Syrinscape Soundlinks module”, which is the one you have loaded and allows you to set up and trigger your sounds. The other is the “Syrinscape Chat Triggers” module, which populates the Soundlinks module with all of the ready-made chat links.


There it is! Thank you! (Sorry for the delay, just made Affiliate on Twitch, had to fill out forms - showing Syrinscape to the folks)


No problem at all and glad that you got it working again! :slight_smile:

Also Congrats on the affiliate! that’s great news! If you haven’t already then drop us an email at support and I can send you over some info and stuff to help you get set up with using Syrinscape for the shows


Sorry I’m late to the discussion. and thanks @Steve. If you run into any issues with the syrinscape extension, feel free to ping me here, I try to check in once a day or so.


I was going to make a panel on the channel to the Syrinscape website, I don’t suppose there is a logo with a transparent background I could use for the ‘button’?


Am I correct in understanding that if I have a Syrinscape subscription and Online Player I do not need any further FG extensions such as Audio Overseer, etc?