Exporting/Downloading Sound Files (MP3/WAV) - RESOLVED


Hi there,

I’ve just started here, so forgive my ignorance (though I’ve done some searches and haven’t found an answer).

I want to use the effects found in Syrinscape in an actual play podcast I’m editing in the Adobe suite of products. Is there any way to access the individual sound files to use as MP3/WAV, etc?

I see that it’s fine to do legally, I just can’t figure out how to do it literally. I suppose I could screen record, but that sort of real-time capture would really slow me down (and editing DnD is slow enough).

Any help at all would be appreciated!


Agreed! I’m trying to do this same thing. Has anyone found an answer yet?


The sounds within Syrinscape are designed to be used within the app. Each SoundSet is made up of multiple different elements all playing with individual setting to randomise their location, distance reverb etc. So there are no MP3 or Wav files of the soundsets themselves, that’s one of the things that makes Syrinscape unique.

You can capture the audio though and add that into your podcast. There are already several topics in the forum that talk about that as well as a FAQ post but this one should be pretty useful.


Yeah, it is soooo time consuming to edit live play broadcasts…

I DEFINITELY recommend running the sound live as you play… that way you get the benefit of creating more mood for the players… and contouring the drama… PLUS people can interact with the sound too.

But… if you neeeeed to add in post, then yes, anything that captures output stream will do the job. :slight_smile: