Edit names of Uploaded Soundsets - RESOLVED


It would be nice if we could edit the name of an uploaded soundset.

There often seems to be something that happens server-side that causes the name of an uploaded soundset to get a (1) tacked onto the end, even if there’s no conflictingly named soundset already uploaded.

This seems to happen most often when I’m uploading a revised soundset to the server and the previous copy, though I have deleted it, seems to have some sort of invisible record on the server still.

Even if I wait a few minutes, that kind of thing still happen, so I’m guessing there’s a longer delay before the name record is completely expunged but I haven’t found it and it would just be easier to come back a day or two later after it has to delete the “(1)” from the latest set.


@Rykara Could you let me know which soundset you are referring to so I can take a closer look?

UPDATE: If you are using a common name (like the name of an official 3rd party campaign, with which you intend to use this soundset), then it’s possible another user has also created a soundset with the same name but that it is not visible to you. I’ll see if we can relax that validation.

UPDATE: Also, are you using the new online creator (that doesn’t require uploading soundsets), or the old offline creator?


Hi sonofconan,

I was not aware that names were first-come-first-serve. Indeed mine do use names of locations within a published adventure. They are called:

  • Argynvostholt (1)

  • Amber Temple (1)

  • Vistani Camp (1)

  • Town (1)

I am using the editor where I upload a soundset to the server and it had to be under 100MB. If there’s another, newer version, I’ll have to check that out!


@Rykara I don’t think the restriction is absolute. It probably just defaults to that during import to disambiguate.

If the soundset is only for private use, you should be able to rename it to whatever you like. You can do that for your already uploaded soundsets via the update (online) creator, which is part of the online player (as long as you have a SuperSyrin subscription).

Just go to https://syrinscape.com/online/ to get started.

You’ll need to download the online player (app), link it to your account, then go to the master interface at https://syrinscape.com/online/master/

From there, if you’re a SuperSyrin subscriber, you can toggle the “properties” panel (top right) to see the familiar creator controls and edit your existing soundsets.

See Notable Online Player/Creator Beta Updates for a list of the biggest changes compared to the old (offline) creator and release notes.