Easy intergration with an elgato deck? - RESOLVED


hi i want to know is there any easy way to integrate syrnscape that would lend itself to an elgato stream deck.

what id like to know is if i get an elgato stream deck is there a way to intergrate it with the online player and for the stream deck to display all the triggers, and change to new triggers dependant on new sound sets. is this possible?


Caaaaaaaaaaan you set the Elgato buttons to open a URL? Because then you should be able to use it to trigger the Remote Controls in the Online Player… and that should give you ALL the control you need.

Let us know if you work anything out!?!?! :slight_smile: :smiley:


im just asking before i purchase the elgato stream deck because thats what id use it for.


Ahhh… :smiley:

Hmmm… I’d be pretty surprised if you COULDN’T trigger a URL with an Elgato button. I’ve never used one though…

Oo… I think my friend Nathan has… hang on, I’ll ask!


Nathan says he uses an App on an Android tab instead of a physical Elagato thing with buttons. Cheaper… Getting details!


It’s called Touchportal.


thank you as id like to know :slight_smile:

maybe as a suggestion you could put in voice morphers if that is possible. demon voices and stuff like that. that would be amazing.

id also want the elgato for the voice morphing stuff too. and to play other things directly through the mic input.


could you get one to test it? and then work on easy intergration then you can add that to your martketing.


Yeah. This would be fun!


the reason why i say voice morphers is that its part of the elgatos capabilities to do octaves lower and higher. but nothing special like a demon voice or a goblin voice. or something like that.


is there any news on this?


I use StreamDecks (yes plural) for my games. But I have never used them for this.
You can indeed use them to open URL’s if you have the Online Player this might be an option. Again I have not used them for this though.

I do know that you can setup StreamDecks to use hotkeys. And I used to accidentally trigger the one shot sounds when using hotkeys this way. I used to have my mute button trigger the Wilhelm Scream if I was active in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player, and not on another page.

The online player is the aspect I use the least. But if you want I can ask one of my GM’s who use the online player exclusively.