Online player & 3rd party app integration


I’m used to getting a link from the Fantasy player and placing it in Realmworks so that I can trigger moods during a game session. Is there a similar feature in the online player? I play all in-person game sessions so I really don’t need to trigger remote computers, but I want to skip the step of downloading/syncing a custom mood to the Fantasy player after I’ve created it in the Master Interface/soundset creator.

I assume its somehow associated with the Show RemoteControl links option in the upper right corner. I click the buttons that show up (looks like a play/stop button) and I get a “copied!” response. Pasting that link results in somethign like this:

and then when I try to follow that link I wind up at a Django REST framework webpage.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Turns out the sounds do indeed launch. Unfortunately the Django webpage popping up is rather bothersome. Any insight?


Someone built a little app thing that fixes that. :squid: :man_farmer:

@sonofconan can give you a bit more info when he is back in the office early next week. :slight_smile:


Thanks @benjamin & @sonofconan ! I look forward to hearing about it


Hey @curtis.lithgow

Check out this:

Specifcially this:

We are working on an in-house/official version of this.

Makes sense?


Not immediately - but I’ll dig into it. Thanks!