Online player & 3rd party app integration

I’m used to getting a link from the Fantasy player and placing it in Realmworks so that I can trigger moods during a game session. Is there a similar feature in the online player? I play all in-person game sessions so I really don’t need to trigger remote computers, but I want to skip the step of downloading/syncing a custom mood to the Fantasy player after I’ve created it in the Master Interface/soundset creator.

I assume its somehow associated with the Show RemoteControl links option in the upper right corner. I click the buttons that show up (looks like a play/stop button) and I get a “copied!” response. Pasting that link results in somethign like this:

and then when I try to follow that link I wind up at a Django REST framework webpage.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Turns out the sounds do indeed launch. Unfortunately the Django webpage popping up is rather bothersome. Any insight?

Someone built a little app thing that fixes that. :squid: :man_farmer:

@sonofconan can give you a bit more info when he is back in the office early next week. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @benjamin & @sonofconan ! I look forward to hearing about it

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Hey @curtis.lithgow

Check out this:

Specifcially this:

We are working on an in-house/official version of this.

Makes sense?

Not immediately - but I’ll dig into it. Thanks!

I’ve been trying to figure out how this works. I feel like I’m getting there. I downloaded the zip from github, downloaded visual studio and C++, ran the SyrinscapeTrigger project file, and now I don’t know how to proceed. It created a few folders and .exe files but they don’t seem to do anything when I run them. I’m clearly missing something, potentially something obvious. Anybody feel like giving me a push in the right direction? I find it very useful to be able to access syrinscape online through a link in my VTT, but the whole asset of not having to switch programs is lost when it auto-opens a new window.

@lawrencekeeganleblan This should not be necessary since v1.4.6 (current version), in which we started bundle and install a URL scheme handler with the Syrinscape Online Player. If you install the latest Syrinscape Online Player on Windows, you should then be able to trigger syrinscape-online://* URLs (see the remote control links CSV download from the master interface hamburder menu) from anywhere without launching a browser or otherwise losing focus in your current app. You just need to add ?auth_token={YOUR_TOKEN} (get your token from the online player control panel) to each URL.

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That’s great news! I’m still stuck though. I have the latest online player installed and running. I’m in Foundry VTT, trying to play the sounds through links in a Journal Entry. When I download the csv file it gives me links like{mytoken} which I also get from the ‘show remote control links,’ and the sounds do play when I click the links, but the django REST window still pops up every time. I didn’t see anything that said syrinscape-online:// but there were links that said syrinscape-fantasy:mooods/*/play but I didn’t have much luck trying to guess what I was doing wrong. Guess I’ll keep trying. It’s really not the end of the world if I have to alt-tab but it just seems like i’m missing something obvious.

@lawrencekeeganleblan Sorry, forgot to mention. The CSV download and copy/pasted remote control links are direct to the server (HTTPS) links. The CSV is intended to be used with 3rd party integrations that are able to themselves call these links directly (and not have the system do it, which opens a browser window). For integrations that don’t have that capability, you can replace https:// with syrinscape-online:// in all of those URLs and they should then work without opening a browser window via the URL scheme handler that is registered when the Online Player is installed.


That did it! Thank you for your help and patience! Oddly enough, if I use the chrome browser to open foundry vtt rather than the native app, it has a popup asking if I want to use the URI proxy when I click the syrinscape-online:// links. This isn’t a problem for me necessarily since I mostly use the app, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

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Bummer - Doesn’t seem to work in Roll20. Its handout editor doesn’t seem to like a link that doesn’t start with https and keep deleting it. Ah well.

Pasting a link directly into the chrome address bar shows it works just fine - with the same confirmation click that lawrence above gets.

Would it be in anyway possible (and easy!) for you to offer a second option from the drop down menu in the Master Interface to ‘show remote control links, including syrinscape-online://’ or something? It would make setting things up like Touch Portal much more streamlined. If not I totally understand, but if you don’t ask you never get, as my old mam used to say!

Cheers, Simon