Dragon of Icespire Peak Sound Set?


Ok so I don’t know how to share something with other SuperSyrin subscribers, but I made an adapted set of moods for Gnomengarde to reflect a few more of the combat scenarios plausibly occurring there. It draws from the Mimic battle and Gnomeland Security, so there shouldn’t be any copyright issues (I didn’t load any of my own sounds for this).

Doubtless someone with a more experienced hand could do a better job with these, but there is at least now a Mimic battle (with and without gnomes present), an option to have gnome sounds playing while in the inner caves (e.g. the dorm or workshop or royal chamber), and an option for somewhat amusing gnome combat apart from the mimic (meant for use with the crossbow apparatus, though admittedly the sounds of the combat are not carefully chosen for this).

In my Soundset Creator it is titled “dip Dwarves, gnomes, and umbrage -review (Updated)”, and I’m happy for others to use it or further modify it to improve it (though again I don’t know how to share a modified soundset nor am I sure I can even do that with official but not-yet-released materials).


How many extra moods did you create? The reason for the mimic battle not being in was to keep the mood count managable. But I will gladly take a look once I am back from Essen. :sunglasses::grinning:


I think I added 4, but honestly if you just add a few of the mood elements from the gnomeland security it’s easy enough for a DM to manually add them to the “inside” locations as needed (rather than making a whole mood for that).

The mimic missing is kind of problematic since it is THE big-bad of that mission / adventure. So I’d say you should at minimum add a mimic fight. I stuck the hoedown music in there on mine for “gnome’s celebrating” option and because it’s just hilarious as background for any combat involving gnomes, but that would also be pretty optional.


I’m continuing to go through and test the various soundsets. So far so good, but (at least for me), the Tower of Storms “Moesko Battle” mood doesn’t have any associated elements – or at least when I click on it, nothing happens.


Ok that’s weird. The mood plays just fine in the Fantasy Player; it’s only in the online player / soundset creator that it won’t play for me.


Seems like the Review copy has been removed?
I checked last night and saw/tested the sounds.

Have a session tonight and I can’t find them in the searches.


Me too, what happened to Icespire Peak?


Any idea when this will show up? Currently running this adventure and would like to add sound elements to it.

  • embarrassed toe drawing int he dirt

Soooo… we accidentally had this visible to all our subs, before it was officially approved by Wizards. So we’ve switched it off just for the moment.

It will VERY SOON be approved again and our Subscribers will be the FIRST to see it light up again!

Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience. :


Also, @michaelv377 @guitardonrusso @zacheastwood look out for an email from me. :wink:


Ah poo it’s gone for me too.


Dang. Just setting up to run our next session of DoIP and found the soundboards missing. :frowning:


Any update on when the DoIP soundsets will be back up? I was using them for my campaign and feel a bit lost now that the entire set is gone… X’(


Am excited to say we are GO for a release of ice Spire Peak: Subscribers get it Wed Nov 20! :ice_hockey::snowflake:


Still not seeing DoIP in the soundsets… (checks calendar) yup, it’s November 20th.


Its Nov 22 and still no DoIP soundsets. Do we need to uninstall and reinstall again or smthing?


OK! There has been a week’s delay on the public release of this… BUT so y’all don’t have to wait any longer, I have switched the SoundSets on for all our shiny Subscribers. Find them under “dip” in the Fantasy and Online Players.


Like them?

Got some last minute feedback before they go officially live to the public?

Mainly, THANKS for your patience and as always… THANKS for your support! :beers::evergreen_tree:


I’m still a bit shocked that the Gnomengarde sound set doesn’t have any sounds for the main antagonist of that mission (a mimic).

Broader question: is this version of the dip soundsets significantly different from the version that was accidentally previewed several weeks ago? That is, I know the main wait was over WotC approval, but were there updates / changes that took place in the soundsets themselves during that time?


There weren’t any significant changes to the sets. I haven’t forgotten your input about the Gnomenguard chapter - I am currently finishing another project and will alter Gnomenguard after that.

About the mimic - having a mimic battle soundset already at our disposal it was decided to not insert it to keep the mood count managable.

What do you people as community say - would you rather have it in and cope with the extra moods or do y’all feel comfortable with switching sets for this encounter? Only because a decision was made at some point, doesn’t mean it is written in stone. :wink:


Yes, there is already a really good stand-alone MIMIC SoundSet in Syrinscape, and we try to balance completeness vs SoundSet size and unwieldy-ness.

People’s thoughts?!