Download the Online Player and get ready to GAME

This is it. The Online Player is open for Public Beta!!!

All the info you need is here!

I had a couple questions:

  1. Is the SuperSyrun subscription only for the open beta? I don’t run any sci-fi games so I only pay for the fantasy sub and it would be really depressing to miss out on arguably the most convenient feature of this program if I don’t buy the extra sub I won’t use.

  2. If I did want to upgrade my sub, would I be credited the difference between the fantasy sub and SuperSyrin sub?

  3. Any rough guesses on how long the open beta will last before it’s fully released?

@benjamin; @Steve. I’m having issues with this. I’m a SuperSyrin member. I believe I’m already registered. I don’t get any sound at all if I hit any of the sounds. I have the volume cranked on both the application and my speakers too. I’m able to get to the correct screens it’s looking as I see all the sets but when I click, nothing happens. It has been this way for a bit now. I’m a bit antsy as I have a few people willing to try it out for tonight’s game so any help is greatly appreciated.

Good questions:

The way I see it:

  • Fantasy Sub = $7.15
  • Sci-Fi Sub = $7.15
  • Syrinscape SoundSet Creator use = $7.15
  • Online Player = $5.00
  • Community Content = $5.00

Total value of SuperSyrin = (something like) $31.45
For the Price of $11.00

So… say you are only using a couple of those parts above… as long as the total value is more than the bundled price of $11.00pm then it’s worth it.

Of course you have to decide yourself.
(even the community content is pretty amazingly useful just by itself)

What do you think?

Yes, the server will work out a partial payment for the first period, just upping your Fantasy Sub to the full SuperSyrin.

Let us know if you have any probs. :slight_smile:

We, actually, are pretty much in full release, right now.

The only difference between “Public Beta” and “Full Launch” is:

  1. We can expect a certain amount of failures and glitches and bumps during beta
  2. We will continue to add features as per peoples suggestions
  3. We make a big announcement.

Makes sense?