Is there a way to transfer created soundsets between subscribers? - RESOLVED

We are an online roleplaying group, consisting of five people, who have been playing for years using Fantasy Grounds in combination with Vsee (for camera and sound). Three of us take turns in the GM’s chair, running lengthy campaigns in various games, but the thing that we have always been missing is an easy way to play background music and sounds, especially in horror games like Cthulhu and Vampire (and soon Kult: Divinity Lost).
Syrinscape seems to be the perfect solution. Currently all 3 GMs have full subscriptions, and the players are about to subscribe, so that we can run Syrinscape in the background and use the excellent DOE: Sound Extension for Fantasy Grounds.

However, we have encountered an issue: when creating your own sound sets using Syrinscape’s creator, there seems to be no way to easily share these with your players privately. Or is there?

Since we are using copyrighted music, uploading to the community is not an option.

We are aware of possible workarounds, like throwing Teamspeak (or similar) into the mix with only the GM running Syrinscape, or switching from Vsee to something with stereo mix. These solutions are not ideal, since we would like to avoid running one extra program in the background and since, after a lot of testing, Vsee is definitely our
prefered platform for communication. Any other tips on workarounds are of course welcome, but at the end of the day it seems a bit silly that the whole group is willing to pay for 5 subscriptions, yet we can not utilise the full potential of this wonderful software. But maybe there is an easy way that we’ve missed :slight_smile:
All suggestions are welcome.

There seems to be two issues here really, the first is the need to be able to play sounds for your players online and the second is the ability to share your creations. So;

  1. the new Syrinscape Master/minion Player is designed especially for online play. Only the GM needs an account and they then trigger sounds which are played directly on the players computer via the minion app. This totally eliminates the need to play Syrinscape though a channel on your voice software. You can read all about the Master/minion here on the forum (sorry can’t link at the minute as I’m typing on my phone)

  2. there is unfortunately no way fo you to share your home built soundsets other than as Community Content. The simple reason for this is to prevent the distribution of copyrighted material. If you used the Creator to build a soundset and included say copyrighted music you have purchased and then shared that soundset with your friends you would be using Syrinscape to iligally distribute the copyrighted material. Annoying yes but we have to put in safeguards to make sure nobody can abuse the app that way.

In short check out the Minion/master App, I think it’s just what you need :grin:


Thank you very much for your reply, Steve!
Wow! Master/Minion seems to be precisely what we want. Can’t believe I missed it on my searches for a solution.
Very excited! :slight_smile:



Can you point us at the master/mininon app(s)?
I"m curious to give it a whirl …


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Yep everything you need is on this thread :smile: