Does Foundry or Roll20 plan to get Syrinscape connectivity?

So far, all I keep seeing are both VTTs starting to connect the great sound, but …just…not doing so. Since Roll20 and Foundry seem to be stalling the option, can Syrinscape tell us how to connect our online player to our Foundry / Roll20API for us. What are we the fans missing and why are we waiting for the Powers-That-Be to contact Ben? Ben, superhero us how to make it happen? What do we need to do/have/obtain/procure to do that. I’m not the techiest of dudes, but I can certainly try. Just be aware I will be raising my hand a lot and probably asking you to treat me like a primary school student.

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Not an response, but an addition.

Since the a/v of Roll20 (haven’t used Foundry) is a deplorable, under-performing resource hog that crashes the game fairly consistently, more useful would be a Discord Plug-in. Currently, having players log into the VTT, Discord AND Syrinscape consistently creates issues.


It’s not the prettiest, but I made a guide for Foundry here: Controlling Syrinscape Online with Foundry VTT
I’m sure it can be used with roll20 as well

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I love this! :smiley:

How things stand as far as I understand them:

  1. we have built awesome tools for 3rd parties to integrate, control, make Syrinscape playback easy and invisible WITHIN VTTs
  2. Fantasy Grounds community members have built amazing tools to make this happen there
  3. d20pro has done the same
  4. It is possible in Foundry and there are a couple of community members looking to get that done there (we have helped a few people with get-started-info
  5. I DON’T think this is possible in Roll20 atm, because of the way it works.


  1. you can simply use the Online Player as it is, and control the sound from ANY device… I like to use the Master UI on my iPad, sitting to my right so I can just reach out and touch it without having to minimise or switch over to anything on the PC I am using for my VTT
  2. the Discord solutions that are explained in various places here are a good thing for getting the sound down the Discord Pipeline instead, but note:
    a) the people listening won’t be able to set their volume independantly (or listen in surround, once we impliment this)
    b) we are looking to do MORE cool stuff with the Online Player Client = like allowing Players to make personal OneShots available there that they can trigger (and the sound gets mixed into the rest of the stream) = I am very excited about this one.

ALSO NOTE: some people complain it is hard for their players to sign up and connect with their DM’s game. We are working on making THIS easier too! :slight_smile:

LOTS of good stuff coming!

THANKS for your patience everyone! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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As far as I know, roll20 does not expose a User based API. They certainly have integrations with external sources but they do not allow users to create these.

Just for the record, now that I’m back into things I’ll be porting my famous (the original, and the best) DOE: Sounds over from FG to FVTT (under a slightly new name - TBA).

For those of you who don’t know / can’t remember, I was the person who originally worked out how to integrate Syrinscape with FG - all of the current implementations wouldn’t work/exist without the original work that I did (and yes, I am blowing my own horn - I believe I have a right too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ).

So, keep an eye out (it’ll be a few weeks or so before its ready) - and if you’d like to help and/or see it sooner, then you can do so by supporting me on Patreon -



How is this going dulux? I am excited to get this up and running since I’m in the process of migrating to fvtt

Yeah, its going - I make a weekly update post on my Patreon page (see previous post, above) on or around Fridays, so keep an eye out there to stay informed (or even become a patron, if you like).


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I personally don’t care much for roll20 because I migrated away from it when I discovered how awesome FoundryVTT is so I really hope a native integration with Foundry happens soon

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I wouldn’t get your hopes up - there were a few Foundry module developers interested in setting up a module, but Syrinscape were pretty adamant that they’d only be interested in allowing control of the DM / Player apps, rather than allowing audio feedback into Foundry itself, and that’s not something that any of the module dev’s figured would be worth spending time on. The foundry devs have reached out a couple of times, but this hurdle is always the sticking point, due to security concerns (people stealing code or assets etc.)

No matter what suggestions or work arounds are put forward, it’s always a hard no from Syrinscape’s end. Proof of concept versions were developed, but Syrinscape hit them with DMCA threats (and those guys work for free, passion projects, at most a patreon so they can’t really afford legal costs) so it was more hassle than it was worth for them. I’m hoping this will change at some point, would love to resub to Syrinscape, miss it from irl games - but online, the player companion app is just one more thing in a sea of things players have to install these days, another thing to explain to players how it works, another thing that can have technical issues on the night, and another barrier to just playing the game.

Yeah, but my original DOE:Sound (for Fantasy Grounds) solved all those problems (or at least bypassed a hell of a lot of them) and as I’m currently in the process of porting the all the DOEs over to FVTT…

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Thanks @Dulux_Oz!!!


I’ll have to clarify a few things here. :slight_smile: Sorry you’ve ended up with the wrong end of the stick here on a few things.

We are indeed happy for people to build control of the Online Player in FoundryVTT. The trick then becomes giving Players an easy way to get hooked up to the sound. We are working HARD on making this possible. At the moment players have to make a Syrinscape account, and download and run the Online Player app, which takes about 3 minutes = subsequent times it should take about 3 - 30 seconds to join back into a game. I HAVE experienced, MYSELF, players forgetting their password… and finding it hard to log in etc… so we are working on a way of linking players into a DM’s game by a single link (without even needing an account) (like joining a Zoom call)… AND the easier we can make this process the better the better. :slight_smile:

that’s not something that any of the module dev’s figured would be worth spending time on

This is NOT true, there are several Foundry devs that have reached out to us and we have sent them info on the REST API. And @Dulux_Oz, directly above is doing it. He built the original AMAZING integrations for Fantasy Grounds, and I have no doubt what he builds for Foundry will be equally COOL!

security concerns (people stealing code or assets etc.

Yes, this is true. We were asked to share the Syrinscape code base with devs. Which isn’t something we were able to do. I trust you can imagine the issues that might arise here… version control, support, us still existing as a business into the future…

but Syrinscape hit them with DMCA threats (and those guys work for free, passion projects, at most a patreon so they can’t really afford legal costs) so it was more hassle than it was worth for them.

Woah!!! This is not true! If it is true, please contact me directly on benjamin at syrinscape dot com with examples of Syrinscape team members making “DMCA threats” to our community… as that would TOTALLY NOT be fine!

Is there some kind of narrative going around somewhere that needs correcting…? want to be a part of getting things straight?


There’s a discord server, a union of sorts for foundry Devs, (the league of extraordinary foundry developers) and it’s all been discussed openly there every time this comes up. Atropos has been very kind and understanding on there, tried to paint you guys in the best possible light. Some others have been less charitable, and a bit more Frank in explaining the technical limitations artificially imposed, although all very transparent about their experiences / intentions. It’s an open server, you can probably find it and search “Syrinscape” within it and you’ll see the discussion each time it’s popped up.

Every time the dev figures it would be an easy implement, but gets shot down from doing anything other than controlling the player, which isn’t what people / Devs want. People are only interested in being able to stream audio directly into Foundry, so that they don’t need to convince their players to install one more thing.

And I get that it’s only a quick install, but to the Frank, when I used to run a table of five online with Syrinscape, at least one player per session didn’t have audio from the player app. Down to user errors? Most probably, but remotely troubleshooting for a different person each week isn’t what people want. For example, for someone like me who DM’s for around 40 different people between my various groups (I’m a DM for a medium sized west Marches server) you’ve got enough headaches making sure the bare essentials for online play are working correctly, never mind adding another seperate application that you need to make sure is working for everyone.

Hey @willishall

Thanks for your answers. :slight_smile:

Know this: we ARE working to make connecting to sound MUCH easier. We are spending serious dev money on getting this done. We HEAR the community and are endeavouring to respond. Setting up things so that Syrinscape has revenue coming in so we can spend money paying talented people to do great things is an IMPORTANT part of this effort.
:robot: :hammer:

We do NOT threaten devs who ask for things we are unable to deliver with legal action. That this narrative is out there makes me VERY sad! I would LOVE you to challenge people saying so to sort out the facts here! Oh, and of course, unless you are sure it’s true, don’t say so yourself!!!