Discord + Syrinscape


Just wondering if there is any update on progress / ways to get a bot for Syrinscape to directly pump into discord like there is with music?

I’m so frustrated with Syrinscape. I’ve been paying for 2 years and have used it 3 maybe 4 times (and I run weekly games) because there is just no convenient way to get it to interact so my players can hear it.

hey dude!

I followed this guide and its the BOMB. Discord Bot for Syrinscape to get Stereo Sound


Yes. This is definitely the way to go if you are using discord to stream sounds to players.

I’ll play a third to this. I have been using the setup for weeks now and it is flawless. I even went so far as to build myself a batch script that launches all the things including my VTT and notes/digital DM screen.

I keep meaning to follow this and set it up for myself, I just never get around to it :frowning: but for now, its not a problem. streaming it directly into discord works fine for me. Im so grateful for people making all of this awesome stuff though :slight_smile:

Vicki, created this just for you. :wink: hehe.


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LOL thats brilliant. I still haven’t gotten around to it face palm I wonder how long it’ll take. I open that tab up almost every day, then I work on other things, then my day ends, the tab gets closed and then I do the same thing the next day.