Descent SoundSets live! - subscribers request early access here!


I hate to nag, but I subscribed (D&D sub) 5 days ago now at your suggestion in order to get this access before kicking off the campaign (despite having already effectively paid for the soundsets via B&G 6 months ago) and I’m still waiting…:anguished:


I reloaded my Syrinscape software over lunch and was ecstatic when I saw two updates for DIA Baldur’s Gate and Avernus. However, saw nothing of noticeable difference than before. And, everytime this thread updates I jump hoping it’s the unlock for DIA in the system. Haha! In the end, this is still a worthy piece of software that I’ve been having great enjoyment in using. We also don’t know what all goes on behind the scenes and what all they are doing to the best they can to make this system has great and powerful as it is. Lastly, they are under no obligation to give the unlocks, seeing as how I believe they are still awaiting final approval from WotC, unless I read that wrong? As much as I would LOVE these unlocks right away and as soon as possible, I understand not all things can be helped and at this point I’m more inclined to give the benefit of the doubt and keep utilizing the software the best that I can for my adventuring party.


Sure - but a load of subscribers already got unlocks two weeks ago. I guess it’s just pending Benjamin getting around to unlocking for the people who posted since then.

Which will hopefully be soon :slight_smile:


Here, here! Hope it will be soon as well. :slight_smile:


Hey all, were on it. We are just back out of a weekend! We’ll be adding the latest people very soon.

Thank you for A) being subscribers and supporting us to build content like this and B) being as excited about this as we are! We really can not wait for the set to officially release :grin:




Note: this WAS indeed (literally) me just getting back round to this thread to do more unlocks… so, in fact, the bumps and reminders are totally FINE and genuinely appreciated!

Hope you all like it!!!



Yay! Thank you! Will be sure to post back after our session this weekend and let you know how the new sound sets complement the game. So excited!


Awesommmmmeeee! Thanks!

So looking forward to using these, my players won’t know what hit them! I was going to change Zodge’s speech - but I can still play the voice acting and make some ‘clarifications’ in character afterwards :slight_smile:
As for pointing out the deliberate mistakes…the last mood in Candlekeep - Plain Shift?? :slight_smile:

Also “I will guild you” should be “guide you” and “Garauth” should be “Gargauth”


Quick fixes applied already!!

Tell me, is anything going to be added within these existing soundsets? E.g. more NPCs with spoken parts such as Tarina, Reya Mantlemorn and Sylvira Savikas? The NPC voiceovers are real standout parts of these sets! But I guess there’s a limit to how much you can fit in.

My favourite is still definitely the pirate who says “I’m gonna take every piece of eight from your DEAD CORPSE!” I play that to myself at work every so often, just for fun :slight_smile:


I found several of the NPC voices fairly comical. Probably moreso than intended and my wife has caught me simply playing through them simply to humour myself.


I’d happily use the two packs for my campaign I’ll hope to start next week, if possible. :smiley:


I’ve switched them on for your @Yesat All 7 SoundSets of the first Chapter. :slight_smile:


Running one currently and super subbed as i’m trying to build off of other packs. Any chance you’re still letting people play around with them?




Hope you like them!

We do! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Mainly though… THANK YOU everybody here for your support as SUBS! :beers::pizza:


Could do with some splashy footsteps one-shots for the sewers?


I can already hear the sound of “splashy footsteps” approaching!!! :footprints:


Did you go splash around in the bathtub? :wink:


Literally YES! :smiley: :woman_playing_water_polo:



Two SoundSets have been updated in these:
dia Under the Villa-review = added splishy sploshy footsteps in icky water + a renewal of the voice acting for Thavius
dia Candlekeep = adding in NPC support for Sylvira

Hope you like the polished versions! :slight_smile: :pizza: :beer: