Descent SoundSets live! - subscribers request early access here!



We had our first session earlier this week and the sounds added a lot! I think I may have got carried away with the Pirate one shot, but never mind :slight_smile:

Dead Three on Monday so I’ll use the splashy footprints from Under the Villa there, too, for the PCs moving through the water.


What I’m most looking forward to is the speaking map in Avernus - hope you can get that voice acted! Particularly this bit: “If queried about a location not drawn on the map, the cartographer mumbles incoherently, screams madly, or whimpers in despair.” :rofl:


Sorry I haven’t updated since our first session. I actually got sick after and just haven’t had the motivation. Our first session went GREAT, and everyone particularly loved the soundset as it was a new addition to our gaming. The pirate fight was everyone’s highlight of the evening. Particularly when the sound fx would line up with hits, or when the pirates were actually attacking and giving taunting remarks.

I’ve actually been spending the last hour re-downloading the sound sets for this group (is this typical? This is the third time I’ve had to re-download the set) and noticed some of the polished up variances from what I recall seeing. Loving it! So far, I think Simon and I are on the same pace, and can’t help but feel we may end up getting ahead of where production is at for the rest of the sound sets. Regardless, awesome work. My players and I enjoy it immensely and am grateful for having discovered and invested with you guys!


Yes. Especially in this pre-release period we will be making frequent updates to this content.

When we make a change we have two choices:

  1. make an update flag so that people can choose to update IF they like, WHEN they like
  2. blank out content, sot hat next time the app is connected to the internet users will be COMPELLED to reinstall = this one is for BIG, compulsory (eg legal) or importantly awesome changes.

As long as you are not ALSO having to reinstall all your other content then probably everything is normal.

Is any other content disappearing as well? Or ALL content?


Mostly the DIA content, so I figured it had to do with updates to the sets, etc, but I had about five or so other sound sets that also needed to be re-installed. Though, I didn’t write down which sets they were so…eh, I recall one was Minotaur Maze, and another was Xanathar the Glorious. The others I couldn’t say. Oddly, though, I had more to re-install on my phone than on my laptop as Hell and Stirge Battle are two examples that didn’t have to be done on the laptop. Kinda wondering if one of the apps isn’t syncing as well? Admittedly, my laptop is about 5 years old now, and is quite a bit slower than my cell phone (which is two years old). It’s amazing how quickly technology outpaces itself.

Another interesting thing is my phone app always tells me that BBH Haunting Part 1 and KC Slavers Warehouse are in need of updates since getting the app, but will never update. Those are the only two that it seems to snag up on. But, that’s also exclusive to the phone app, as I haven’t had that issue on the laptop. Figured I’d mention that since we are in relevant conversation and last night after re-installing the extra sets, there were 13 sets to update from the settings/reload page on the phone and 11 on the laptop. That was the only difference and it didn’t load.


Been running DIA with the two core versions of the sound sets. Already finished off the Dead3 Cult and my players are off to the Villa onTuesday! Would be great to get the special “unlock” to surprise my players with more fantastic sounds please!!


Unlock done! :slight_smile: Hope you like them!!!


This all looks in order… these ARE indeed SoundSets we have recently updated. :slight_smile: :hammer:


OK. I’ve given these a hard refresh. If you install them again they should stay looking right!

Let me know!


@Benjamin Thanks for the response and assurance on what was re-loaded. Also, thanks for doing a hard refresh on the two I was having trouble with for their respective updates. However, the KC Slavers Warehouse will not install at this point. I’ve tried multiple times yesterday and today with no results. It’s the only one giving me fits at this point.


How about now? :hammer:


Perfect! Thank you! Also noticed the new soundest “Particle” for download and grabbed it as well. I look forward to seeing what I can use it for in the near future.


@benjamin Hey! Would it be possible to have the early access unlocked? :slight_smile: My group is heading to Avernus next week!


Is this where I ask for my early access? I finally got my code entered and hope to figure out how to access my Platinum Edition content…


We sorted you on support. :slight_smile:


Chapter 1 is LIVE on the Store now, and will be visible to ALL subs.

The other chapters will switch on as Wizards approves them. :slight_smile:

Enjoying?! Everybody?


Ooh, ooh, mua ha ha …Pick me please?!


See above ^^

Descent Part One is now live in the store and for subscribers :slight_smile:


I have everything up to just past the entrance to hell (something about driving?)


That’s all that has been released so far.

The next Chapter will be switched on as soon as Wizards gives their approval! :slight_smile: