Descent SoundSets live! - subscribers request early access here!


My group is entering Vanthampur Villa this week as well, so would love to get access to any BG and Elturel sets that are pending release! Keep up the great work - this has greatly enhanced my table’s enjoyment!


I should be able to start turning on the first few SoundSets through this week… so keep putting your requests here, to get a super-secret-early-subscriber-unlock. :sweat: :beers:


Hi there - I got an unlock code from the Beadle & Grimm platinum set and am eagerly looking forward to kicking things off - will I be able to access the newly added soundsets you speak of?? Please? I don’t want to start without them.


Would love a super-secret-early-subscriber-unlock! Building up a bigger campaign that will incorporate DiA in its entirety so theres more to do while in Baldur’s Gate and would absolutely love the full soundset before starting my campaign this coming March!


Hi, I’m DMing for a group of friends and I keep telling them about this! We are currently under the villa and our next session is this Sunday. It would be an awesome surpise for them!


Any news on availability? Can’t run the Elfsong bit without the song that you’ve mentioned is coming! And that’s Session One…

So eager for these :slight_smile:


Hey all, I’ve unlocked the first BIG chunk of “dia” SoundSets for every sub who has asked (unless I’ve missed someone) (which is always possible).

NOTE: there are still some OneShot Icons missing (so they may look weird)… and an occasional typo (I’ve left a couple in for fun, for you to find!) (no, really!!).

WHAT I WANT FROM YOU: pick up errors, ask for changes+additions, say what you would do differently, say nice things, encourage the content creators, all that sort of stuff!

HOPE YOU LIKE THEM! :slight_smile: :smiley: :beers:

And MOST of all… THANK YOU for your support as subs… you are all lovely shiny people!!!


Let me know if I seem to have missed anyone!


This is amazing! I have to admit that I was skeptical about how enthusiastic some people where but this absolutely wonderful!

With regards to the feedback how would you like that submitted? Are there threads for different types of issues, for example: there is a typo in Dungeon of the Dead Three part 2, there is a scene called Tiamat’s “sotlen” treasure, I think it should be: “stolen”.


Hi, can the Beadle and Grimm’s DIA people get access please?


Amazing! Thank you! Going through the sounds prepping for our game this Friday!


Not sure if it’s too late, but would also be super keen to get some early DIA access. I started running my party through DIA a few weeks ago and this would be a major win for our campaign. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!


Done @njackie :slight_smile:

Hope you like them!


@simonhaldon Beadle & Grimm people will get these automatically turned on when they are approved by WotC.

If you really neeeeeeeeeed access now… consider grabbing
a D&DSub or a SuperSub?

…you won’t regret it! :slight_smile: :smiley:


@benjamin Thanks for the reply. I might just do that :slight_smile: Got a couple of weeks grace first, but I doubt WotC will be ready by then, based on the past timings you mentioned…


These look awesome! Next session is tonight, we’re continuing in Dungeon of the Dead Three. Some really nice location-specific options, and having both Mortlock and Amrik fully voiced is great. Will see how I get on with using them. I notice for some moods you’ve referenced the room (D24-D26 for example) but not for others? Might be nice to have the name start with the area number, which will make it even easier to follow along the adventure without looking through the list.

Will provide more feedback after the session. Also, I’ve now added all these to a campaign for ease of use, and I’m going to try using the online player with my phone connected to speakers, and the master console on my laptop. Wish me luck. :slight_smile: And thanks again!


This is all awesome. Let us know how you go! :slight_smile: :crossed_swords: :japanese_goblin:


OK, I subscribed! Could I have an unlock for the DiA stuff please?

Looking forward to checking out all the other soundsets too!


I, also, would like an unlock on what is available for the Descent into Avernus soundsets. I just started DM’ing the campaign this week and started my subscription earlier in the week so I could play with the software and at least get minimal familiarity with it before our first session. Thankfully, I found some other sound sets outside of the immediate Baldur’s Gate to help get started. Definitely enjoying the sound sets and already grateful I went with the all out subscription.

The main campaign I’m surprised not to see is the top rated Curse of Strahd. I’ll admit, though, my party is roughly halfway through that campaign (we do two campaigns at a time and meet twice a week) and I don’t see the appeal. It hasn’t been that exciting. Not sure if it’s the DM running that campaign, if we are playing it incorrectly or what. All the reviews give it top notch scores and I find myself bored with it…so, if there are suggestions for what would be a good fit for that campaign on here, I’ll try setting it up and ask the DM if I can be the sound guy for the campaign and see if that livens things up. Otherwise, SUPER excited about running the DIA campaign with an equally exciting sound set to back it up! Thanks for all you guys are doing. Wish I had joined ages ago!


Could you unlock for me too?


Just wanted to let you know I used it last week and it added a lot. Hoping the other soundsets are coming soon!