Decrease size mood menu

Hi Folk,

Maybe a bit of a niche one, but is there a way that we could get the size of the mood fonts to change?
I edit my playlists on a nice big monitor, but when it is time to play, I use a small laptop screen that fits behind a DM screen. And on a small screen the lay-out of the menu on the left-hand side is not ideal.
Only 3 moods are displayed, so if you have multiple to choose from because you’re obsessed with mood-setting, a lot of scrolling is required. At the same time the bottom left corner is more or less entirely unused space. I have tried making the page smaller through ctrl+scroll, but it seems unaffected by this.

TL;DR: could we maybe get an option for smaller font / Have the mood/playlist font affected by the browser zoom / Get a way to reduce the size of the vague image at the bottom left so that we can extend that mood menu bar?

Image below of how I see the menu on the left on my tiny laptop screen.

Cheers folk!


We just released a change that will automatically hide the artwork should it take up too much room on the Moods list. Let us know if this improves things for you!


Syrinscape dev team = amaze! :slight_smile: :smiley: :beer: :pizza:

Ehr.Ma.Gehrd. Yes! It works! Amazing. Thanks so much for this fix! :smiley:
I can now see about 8+ of my soundsets and moods rather than only 3 or 2.
What Benjamin said: Syrinscape dev team = AMAZE!