Data on C: prevents me using the players

I use a small SSD as my C: with 31gig of Syrinscape data going on it the drive filled up. I installed the program on D: and assumed the data would go there also. I was very surprised to find it didn’t and no way to change its destination. We moved the files to G: which has tons of space and spent the morning trying the mklink command but so far with no success. I love Syrinscape but I can’t have that data on C: its just not feasible.

Heya @40k.aaron

This thread is your friend. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. We have been following those steps and so far no joy. Had to move the sound data to its new location but have not been able get the base program to find it yet. We will keep trying. But with the data on C: there was just over 1gig of free space remaining. Which was causing its own problems.

Those steps will work. I use them myself. Just be careful about which directory is pointing where. If the link is ending up one too high in the hierarchy (for example) it work work (note the comments on that thread).

Let us know how you go. :slight_smile: