Curse of the Crimson Throne III


Make sure to say Hi! :grin:


3.5 soundsets are done and can, for those interested, be previewed at Gencon. Make sure you get face to face with Krojun in a game of Sredna. The voice acting is AMAZING!


Good day to you,

We are about to start part 4, so I was wondering when you will make it available. Thank you for all the amazing sound sets so far. :smile:


I an currently, doing the last set, Mantis and Maiden and expect to finish it on Friday. So it will probably be unlocked for subs as preview in one week and officially available in two to three. :slight_smile:

I am sad about the fact, that I haven’t finished it for GenCon.


Chapter 4 - History of Ashes just entered the review process. :smiley: