Curse of the Crimson Throne III


Any word on a release window for this?

Ben told me on facebook to tag @new_vision for a possible update.

My group has been absolutely IN LOVE with the COTCT sound sets! We are quickly approaching book 3 of the adventure path.



Yeah, you tagged the right person. First: Thank you very much and I am so glad that you like the soundpack :relaxed:. I really put a lot of love into it and the voice actors did a terrific job!

Escape from Old Korvosa is currently in the making. If everything goes according to plan it should be finished by the end of January, latest by mid February and then goes for reviewing to Paizo. So I guess it will be released in four to six weeks?!

I hope this fits into your schedule. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the quick reply! That schedule may just work for us. If not i’m sure i can come up with some side quests to fill in the gaps.

We will be looking forward to it!

Side question though. How do you guys go about hiring your talent? I work in audio myself and was just curious. Thanks!


Sorry, I overlooked the last question.

We have quite some talented people doing voices for us. But every now and then we discover new talents during the recordings we do at shows.


Just an update - i am preparing the final sounds for CT3. I should be able to arrange everything on Monday, so expect the soundpack soon. Sorry for the delay.


Awesome! We just started book 3 so we shouldn’t miss out on too much.


Anymore news in this? i’m starting book 3 very soon!


It is at Paizo for review. So it will be around shortly. :slight_smile:


Yeah. Paizo just came back with an apology for the delay.

I’ll make these available as a pre-release for all our subs tonight.

Then turn it on for everyone else when Paizo gets to it. :slight_smile:


What abbreviation will it have? I can’t seem to find it.


Chapter three has the “eok” prefix for the soundsets.


Thanks! I got it! Sadly we are a bit into this AP already. Approaching the Arkona Palace now. I may place this game on hold after this book to await further releases so we don’t get ahead of them.


Oh, Arkona Palace and Vivified Labyrinth are still a go - you won’t regret it!
If everything goes as planned, chapter four should be out early to mid May, to give you a guideline. :wink:


Awesome! Thanks for keeping me updated.


Hiya all!

Last night we released Curse III as a pre-release available to all Syrinscape subs. Any feedback Paizo gives will be integrated and we’ll push out an update when we make a public product.



Is it too soon to be asking about Curse of the Crimson Throne IV?

III was amazing by the way! My group loved the jungle sounds for the Arkona Gardens.


It saddens me to say, that it is delayed a bit (I would guess by a month). A third of the whole pack is done, so I think, end of June/first week of July is a good estimate of the preview being available for subscribers.

Sorry for the delay.

I am happy you enjoyed this tropical wonder inside the Arkona palace. :blush:


Any word on the release? Thanks a ton!


It is almost done. The weeks before GenCon are always a little bit hectic, but I am pretty sure that you can listen to it at GenCon.

Again, I am very sorry for the delay. Sometimes unforeseen things just happen, but we’re on the finishing line for the “History of Ashes” soundpack.


It’s no worries at all. I just appreciate the updates. We are currently running three campaigns.

Rise of the runelords
Curse of the crimson throne
And Strange Aeons

We sort of switch between them and I’m trying to line up continuing curse when the soundest drops. Thanks again! Can’t wait to see you guys at gencon. We will be there!