Cthuhu, Masks of Nyarlathotep after London


I’m starting The MoN campaign in a few weeks. Your soundsets for Peru, New-York and London are amazing. Do you have a schedule for the other chapters ? Hopfully they will be released in time for the grand final in… a lot of months (and probably even years).


Thanks @jmchalard! I had heaps of fun building, great to hear you are enjoying them :slight_smile:

Yes, the next chapter is due out at the end of June, start of July. Generally, we try to release them every 2-3 months.


Great ! So I will probably be lucky enough,with my players, to enjoy it throughout all the campaign ! Thanks a lot.


Really looking forward to it! My group starts the London chapter this Friday.

Keep up the good work.


Any update on timeline for Masks Egypt chapter? My group is probably going to get there in about a month.


Hey Steve!

Just wondering if there was a status update on the next chapter.
Our group will probably be finishing up England around the first couple of weeks of August and just wondering if I will need to start making my own soundscapes from here on out.


Just got an update that the ETA is after GenCon.


My group will hit Egypt next month and at the rate we play (1 session per week) I feel that we will unfortunately outrun Syrinscape’s release schedule of 1 part per 3months-ish. Which is unfortunate cause I doubt I will run this campaign a 3rd time :frowning:

I understand that they have bigger fish to fry with D&D and P2, but I would love to see a quicker release schedule for Cthulhu!


If your group is outpacing the release schedule, I can certainly help by recommending sets to give you the sounds you need, if you’ll let me know what you’ll be needing. :slight_smile: