Cthuhu, Masks of Nyarlathotep after London


Glad it’s in the pipeline; when do the hoi polloi who buy a la carte see it?


Hi! :slight_smile:
I’m running the first Egypt Session on Sunday. Will MoN Egypt released until then?

These packs make the campaign so much more real. I love them, and I don’t want to do it without Egypt’s one :slight_smile:


So the Egypt chapter came out in October. I think my group is going to first be playing the next chapter (Kenya) on January 10th. So far the sounsets have been coming out almost exactly right before we reach a new area. Any chance of that continuing, or is Kenya probably not coming out until February?


Yes I’m just back from Pax Unplugged and am back to working on Kenya :grin:


Do we have any updates on the Kenya chapter of the soundset?


@gordmawarcraft If it follows the same pattern as the last release it will be late March, maybe April.