Campaign Stopped Updating to Player - RESOLVED


Hi there!
I’ve been using Syrinscape for months without issue. This morning, it appears as though the campaign manager has stopped communicating with my player. I had a Campaign called PF Playtest that had the Lost Star soundsets in it. I added some additional soundsets for the next chapter and they did not populate in the player. I then removed all soundsets from the campaign and they remained in the player. I then deleted the campaign, and it remained in the player.

It seems that the campaign manager is not communicating with the player. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I should add that I’ve hit reload dozens of times, restarted the program, restarted my computer, and no dice.


Guess it just needed some time. 45 minutes later its up and running again!


Yeah. There is DEFINITELY some slowness happen on the server re uploading Syrinscape current left hand column list at the moment.

We are working on fixing it right now.

DO definitely keep us updated here with any further developments. :slight_smile:

ALSO: if nothing more goes wrong, then that’s find too! :smiley:



Is Syrinscape still having a slowdown? I created a new campaign and added soundboards to it probably four hours ago, but the campaign is still showing that it has no soundsets for the campaign.


We’ve had a small number of people reporting issues today and this could be related. Our Dev team are currently looking into it with their goggles of true seeing and hammers of goblin smashing so hopefully they’ll get it sorted ASAP.


Awesome. Thank you so much for the update. :slight_smile:


Dev team is looking at this right now.

Stay tuned!



@cybrarp I can see that your available chapters file has already updated and does seem to contain the same campaigns and soundsets as shown in the campaign manager. I am still looking into the cause of the delay.


campaign not showing up?
Been 5 hours


And i cant remove any campaigns.


Hey all.

Everything should be working again now. One of our processes on the server had died.

Working now for you @thornbound?


Nothing yet Ben…ill give it some min:roll_eyes:


Ben now it works"
Thx again and hope see you in UK next year!

waves from Norway


Oh yay! :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking twice, @thornbound

And also… “HIYA, from STRAYA!!!” :smiley: :slight_smile:


It’s again not updating on my side


And now it did… Figures…


Good to see you back @TheMOELANDER! Glad it’s all working for you now :grin:


It’s taking it’s time again. Purchased four soundpacks about three hours ago and they are not showing up in the fantasy player yet. Is this expected behaviour or a bug?


Give it a try now, i’ve just given your account a gentle kick so hopefully everything should now be working.

Also drop us a email at support if you have this type of problem again, that way we can respond straight away and get it fixed for you :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes, it’s working now. :smiley:

Just for future reference: Should it be instantly working or is there a delay that is to be expected?