Basic map folders for easier organising


Have about empty Folders like Adventure’s, Monsters, Terrain etc too add into your own campaign’s if you wish.
It would make organising really much easier.
Even making creature types like Aberration, Dragons, Beast’s etc.

A other idea is adding different colours to easier to separating things :grin::ok_hand:


While Syrincape doesn’t have that officially yet (I think something like it is on the way), check out here: Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

I have put together campaigns of all of the locations, monsters, adventure paths, along with themed campaigns (places and monsters you might find in a city or dungeon or forest). I keep them updated periodically with new content. I hope this helps!


Hey @HECook I found some good ones earlier,
think I got them, but how about a hotlink for adventure updates…Ohh thank you.
Wish this link was at the sight like Pinned at updates etc.
Thank you Cook :smiley: