Any chance of getting a Sound Set for Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage


Just got Chapter 4 of WD Dragon Heist. Its good! I am wondering if there is any plan of doing a a sound set for the sequel?


I second this. I love the idea of soundscapes for adventures going forward, and would love to see it done for older adventures too.


I doubt it, as they only do 1 Pathfinder AP each year, so I’m guessing they will only do one D&D adventure a year.

That said, is there any interest from the community in building something for this?
Given that the dungeon is already split up in to convenient chunks (aka Levels) from a management perspective it would be pretty easy to split into small chunks for community members to work on.

There would just need to be lots of people each interested in working on a level.


I’m not sure how syrinscape is planing what they release but if google doc or excel sheet was made for adventures that need/people want soundsets made for I wouldn’t mind working working on them when I get a chance/money to buy the adventure and look at it.

It wouldn’t be a fast project but I could start knocking things out until something official is made.


Well, well, well. Did anyone else see what is at the bottom of the release calendar?
Looks like Dungeon of the Mad Mage is on tap for 2019.


:slight_smile: to all above.

I am in fact reading Dungeon of the Mad Mage right now and beginning my thinking on how to structure it.

Also, yes, I’d love to get some of the older adventures done. Sales have been really strong for Dragon Heist so everything is pointing towards do MORE D&D content faster rather than less.

Personally, I want D&D to re-release Red Hand of Doom, I’d have the sounds done for that in a FLASH! (Note: Witchwood)


We could get people to start specing out the SoundSets that would need to be built for each adventure AND for a shorter term solution, aslo add suggestions for existing content that can cover the adventures.

Shall I start that doc?


I’m not sure exactly how you would go about doing this in the most efficient manner but I wouldn’t mind setting up some moods and things that could be used as community content until something official came out and replaced them.

I don’t know if a trellis board might be best as a tally system would be nice so people could know what is wanted the most.


If it would be helpful to the community then we could definitely look into setting up a Trellis (or something similar) board. We are planning to give Community Content a big push very soon anyway so this might be a nice idea to go along with that. More details to follow soon :slight_smile:


Sure start the doc. I’m just starting to read this and it looks like there will be a ton of variety here.

I’ll be happy to help as I have time.


Ok, I started a Google Doc that covers at a High level of what I see would cover the first level of the Dungeon. Obviously it’s a really rough outline, with each of the moods needing to be matched to a set or more description added.

But I’d be interested in what others think of the format and how it could be improved/what else would be helpful to add.

Here’s the link:


There are so much that is out all-ready!
More Classic adventure types and creature monster types etc.
Maybe soundtrack collections and Un-dead volum -
Humanoids + more, Giant pack, Demon, Goblins, bugs, beasts and I miss more Orc love!


So any thoughts on the Content/format of the Google Doc?

Is it helpful?

Obviously it’s going to take a long time to find all the sounds needed for each of these different one-shots/monsters and moods. But if others want to fill in, it might go faster.


I was thinking more along the lines of listing the adventure that was wanted and then taking a look at it and making it from scratch. Easier on the doc part harder on the person making it. But that was what I was going to do. Either way I think it works. I just think if we get this rolling then it will be community content till other arrangements are made.


This doc is PERFECT, @Scrubkai

What I need to know is:

  1. Which Monsters are vital? Maybe have 3 colours = gray not really needed, black for good to have, bold for super important
  2. OneShots that are important to have. Note the number of elements that normally fit into a single SoundSet
  3. Key MOODS (ie rooms with distinctive sound environment (every other location will be covered by a generic ambience for that level.

I plan to do ONE SoundSet per level. Sooo… usually 5 monsters per level is a good maximum amount for ease of use. Other creatures can be covered by a mood called “Other battles”

All makes sense?

Sooo… everybody… let’s get this doc done!!!


Are there any updates about this?
I finished preparing the first 3 levels (maps, physical props, encounters, mats/terrains/miniatures, cards, etc.) for my kids and some friend of theirs and I’d love to know if it’s now time for the Soundset Creator sleepless nights (using the super useful google doc summary, thanks @Scrubkai) or if something’s coming up :slight_smile:


A release for this module is still at least 30 days away… so go ahead and get it done before me! :slight_smile:


Sleepless nights then! :muscle::sleeping::grinning:

But your answer seems to indicate you’re going to release something. Have you got any hint to how many levels you’re going to publish? :sunglasses: (I doubt my kids will rush through levels like a knife in the butter…)


Oo, yes, @doc, we are DEFINITELY going to release something.

I plan to release the levels in blocks of 5 (i think) (by memory)… so yes, hopefully I can catch up to you as we go along…

And kill you mercilessly in your sleep

no-one will find your body on level 7!!!

:smiling_imp: :rofl:


I think I already reached undead state while working on props for this module :skull: but feel free to turn me :sweat_smile: